10 Interesting Web Experiments Based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript

10 Interesting Web Experiments Based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript

04.01.2020 0 By Butcher79
10 интересных веб-экспериментов на основе HTML, CSS и JavaScript

Talented developers and designers around the world do not stop producing new amazing projects. We invite you to look at the most exciting of them.

Especially cool that each element of this collection is created using only the simplest technologies: JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

#1 – Interactive cash register

You can “touch” a real retro car-an old cash register. Use the buttons to add, subtract, and even print a receipt. And when you click on “TEND”, enjoy a fun animation of money appearing, accompanied by sound effects.

#2 – Cubewave 10

A very nice-looking demonstration in which three squares rotate and take different shapes, creating the illusion of three-dimensional space. All this in a beautiful color design and with smooth transitions.

#3 – Cats-smiles

Here are emojis in the form of cat faces. The number in the right corner of each picture shows how many times it was shared in social networks. By clicking on the smiley, you can also use this feature to make your profile or website more colorful and fun.

#4 – Smart home temperature slider

Here is an interactive water thermometer, the slider of which the user must move independently between the values 0 and 100. As the temperature increases or decreases, the color of the liquid inside the device will also change.

#5 – Particles

The demonstration consists of a huge number of multi-colored particles moving smoothly along a given trajectory. Despite the complex movement of elements and their abundance, the project works without delays, delays and slowdowns.

#6 – Mobile Twitter

On the smartphone screen, we see a copy of the Twitter app created using Vue.js. The clone works just like a real social network, i.e. you can flip through the feed, post and like tweets, and upload your photos.

#7 – Connect the four

A logical game for two. Players must take turns dropping a disc of their own color (red/black) into any column of the field. The goal is to line up your 4 disks in a row in any direction: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If the Board is filled before any of the participants in the game manages to do so, a draw is declared.

#8 – Lost in a virtual forest

The user is placed in a VR forest, where you can look around and wander among the trees with good graphics, highlights and shadows. For a better immersion in this world, we recommend using a virtual reality headset.

#9 – Sammy The Shark

Using only HTML, SVG and CSS, the author of this demonstration drew a very cute cartoon shark swimming among the ocean waves. The image is beautifully detailed, nicely decorated and endowed with smooth animation.

#10 – Concentric circle

A fantastic demo with rotating concentric circles that flow from one shape to another. Since the animation is built only on CSS transitions, frames are replaced super smoothly and smoothly.