100% Achievements & Scenes Guide in Endless Bounty


For Endless Bounty players, I decided to write up a quick 100% guide for this lovely game since I didn’t see one compiled. There are some nifty hints and some seriously sexy scenes that you’ll not wanna miss!


Prologue and Introduction

Welcome! This is the first guide I have ever written for a game so I hope that it is comprehensive and descriptive enough that you can get to all those lewd scenes in this amazing game with as little trouble as possible and pick up a few achievements along the way. I’m going to dive right in!

If it weren’t obvious to anyone yet: Endless Bounty is a point-and-click adventure game with adult content involving men, dragons, orcs, and werewolves. If you are not okay with it this is your only warning.


You start as an orc, scantily clad in armor and on the hunt for his target bounty. The game quickly gets you used to the difficult controls and how to interact with the world. Give the rock and tree a few clicks and head onward by clicking the arrow on the far-right.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes Guide
Check out the bridge to learn our target is bound by the wrists and then click the Mushrooms to pick them up, they’re for later.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes Guide
You’ll move a few screens ahead with this next step and come upon a mountain. Not much here but the crate – click it twice to get some Gold Ore and your first achievement!

Nobody Will Notice…

Don’t fret – collecting this item has no moral attachments to it but later decisions will. Multiple clicks on the same object can change dialogue, so pay attention to it. Continue on and you’ll run into your target who….throws himself from the cliff.

Quick note: This game uses screen movements to progress time and there is a 7-day limit to the game. If you’re worried about the time limit then stick to this guide – it will have you done within 6 days and on the path for the best ending. Missing this limit will give you a bad ending! Getting a bad ending by timing out the week will get you the achievement


and a very sad orc…

First Walkthrough – Day One

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWe’ll enter at Gabranth Inn and Tavern to a dragon named Lozran who tells us he’ll offer us sidequests and information on our target should he come upon any – at a price. We’re given back control and set off to find information on our target. Head back in and chat him up again to learn about your current sidequests: Finding a ring, collecting reagents, and foraging for mushrooms. Make sure you exhaust his dialogue by asking him about the surrounding area, himself, and yourself after a proper introduction. You’ll learn your own name with the introduction and after asking him about himself you’re presented with your first moral choice: Do you trust him?

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideIt won’t affect this playthrough what you choose here but later if you are trying for his ending say yes. Ask him about himself one more time and he’ll switch the conversation up to ask you to talk about yourself. Make sure you ask him again about the area to get information on a nearby waterfall. Pressing him about Gerald does nothing, so we’re gonna start looking for clues.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideThere is an achievement tied to meeting every villager in this game, so we’re gonna start chatting anybody up as we pass. It doesn’t take away from your time! Head west from here and we meet the Couple. They’re adorable and offer some small clues about local events, but they don’t affect the story. Moving on!

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWest again is Karth, the Fence. He’s a sweet minotaur who you can sell items or buy some information from if you need it. He won’t do much for us this playthrough, so sell off the Gold Ore we got earlier for some easy cash and then move on.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideTwo screens west and we meet the Painter with his wife and daughter. They have no real impact on the story, so chat them up and move on. Go back east two screens to Karth and then go South.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere we meet Tora, the town Doctor. He’s key in getting the best ending later on, so remember where he is. From here, we’re gonna head further east into the forest and beyond.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHead on down from the first screen and to this junction. It goes west to a river and east to a mountain. We’re gonna head east first. On the next screen you’ll notice a branching path go north but don’t bother with it today, that’ll become relevant tomorrow. Keep heading west to the river.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideThis spot is where the river ends from the mountain and it will be very important to you tomorrow, but today we’re only here to nab that sweet water mushroom off the island. After you nab it, head a few screens east.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWe’re at the end of the forest and we’re gonna be going up into the mines from here. Nab that mushroom on the far-right of the screen and let’s get going!

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWe’re made it to the Mine! We’re only going to come here once in any playthrough so I always like to knock it our first. We’re only here for three things.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideTwo screens in and our orc will express his discomfort with being in an abandoned, collapsing mineshaft. No worries, it isn’t coming down on ya.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideAbsolutely ABSOLUTELY do not miss this pickax, it blends into the background and I have missed it a few times myself making for some horrendous backtracking!

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideDown the ladder and a few screens west, you’ll happen upon a lone mushroom in the end of the cave. Nothing else to interact with here so head east a screen.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere on this screen you can access another part of the mine by clicking the open doorway on the wall.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere we’ll find a grisly scene, the ultimate fate of the Mayor’s poor husband. Here you’ll pocket his ring which we can return later to complete a quest.

Quick Note! A neat little thing I noticed – at the top-left of the screen you’ll notice after certain actions you’ll get a little icon called Trigger Event. I found out while writing this guide that you can click it and it will trigger a cutscene! Doing so adds more context to our character’s thoughtprocesses BUT does not affect gameplay so even if you miss one you will not lose out on an ending.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideBacktrack out of the mine and notice how it’s gotten dark outside. Not much time left, but we’ll get our clues before the night ends. Leave the forest and back to town. (If you can’t recall, it is west to the first junction, then north, and west until you are back. Head north through town and out the west entrance to the forest on the other side.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideSome dialogue about our mission at hand and we’re off! Head west as far as you can go.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere’s the junction. South from here is the Fisherman in Morning hours. He isn’t here right now so head north instead.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideLooks like we figure out what happened earlier on. Our target fell through the trees here and must have continued on. Oh well, let’s keep at it. This branchy mess will give us a Trigger Event but not much else.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideBefore you wander off, there is a hidden bunch of mushrooms on the far-left of the boulder here. Grab it and head west.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere we’ve found what happened to our target’s binds, he’s cut them off on a rock. Trigger Event for more dialogue but nothing else here. Head east a few screens from here.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere is the Musician’s camp, he is usually out in Mornings through Afternoons, but packs up at Night. Nab the mushroom next to his tent and head east once more.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideThere’s a mushroom on the ground over here, the last one we need to fulfill a quest. After this, you can head north to the Alchemist’s house but he is not outside, If you click on his back window you’ll get a little easter egg…

Try to head back and you’ll black out for the night. SAVE YOUR GAME HERE!
Choose to set up camp and you’ll go through a bit of dialogue about your mission and then your orc will take some alone time and blow off some steam. You’ll get the

Lonely Night


Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideAfter the scene, reload your file and select to head to the tavern. We need some more info before bed. Talk to the tavern patron and exhaust his dialogue. He’ll inform you what he knows of your target and a secret location! Talk to the Innkeep after and tell him you’re gonna camp outside to save cash.

Day Two

Start your day off by heading inside and cashing in your two quests. Deliver the mushrooms and turn in the ring we found. When asked if you would like the reward from the Mayor, you can turn it down. We don’t really need the gold if we do this run right and it’ll make you warm and fuzzy inside. You’ll get the

Lovers Passed




Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideNorth from the Inn we meet the Guards, a cat and his two recruits. Exhaust all their dialogue and move on west.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere is the seet ol’ Mayor. She’ll ask if your bounty is dangerous. Tell her no and continue to exhaust her dialogue and, because we turned in the ring, she’ll thank us. If you turned down the gold she’ll give you a piece of pie which turns out to be your favorite! Let’s get going now.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideUpon entering, we run into a mangled body from an attack last night. We’ll report this later on. Head west to the junction and go south the the Fisherman.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere is the Fisherman and his cats. He’s using bread for bait and not having any luck, so let’s get him something better! Pet his cats for the



Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideTwo screens north to the crash site and you’ll notice something odd on top of the rock here. It’s a snail, so let’s nab it and return to the fisherman. He’ll thank you for the bait and pay you for the effort. You’ll get the


cheevo too.
Head back through town and out to the other forest in the east from here.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideRemember that junction I told you to ignore on Day One on the way to the river? Head north there and you’ll encounter a bound orc. He’s run into a man who robbed him blind. Help him out and he’ll head to the Inn. You’ll get the


achievement. Now go back south and west to the river.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere we run into a sack Gerald left for us, taunting us to find him as he hides in plain sight.
Head back to the inn from here.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere we have another face, a robed man asking for Healing Salve in exchange for clues towards your bounty. It only takes one to complete this task BUT you need two of them for the best ending, so we are going to do that instead. Take a few steps in any direction and it will become night, then head in to the Inn.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideTalk to everyone in the inn: the orc you freed, the new hunter, and the innkeeper. The drunk won’t have any new dialogue. You’ll report the body the Lozran right away and you can inform him about the bait task under Available Jobs. He won’t have any new dialogue either, so let’s head out into the west forest as far as we can go to make tomorrow easier. You should be able to get all the way to the Alchemist’s place. Camp out by clicking the icon at the top of the screen.

Day Three

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideAt the start of this day, give the dog a petting and earn the


achievement. Talk to the sleeping man just in case this counts for the villager total, then talk to the alchemist. After a talk, you can ask him about the whereabouts of his ingredients and also purchase a Healing Salve from him.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHeading back towards town, you’ll bump into the Musician. Chat him up and head back to town, specifically to see the Doctor.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideChat him up and purchase his Salve as well. With both in tow, we are ready to face the next part of the quest.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideSpeak to the robed man and, GASP! It was GERALD all along!
Of course it was, though. Our Orc gives chase to the western forest to catch him.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideOn the way in we find his discarded salve bottles. Not sure why he tossed them aside, but head north from here.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideGerald has opened the way into another part of this forest, by clicking the bush in the center of the screen you can pass through now.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere we have another junction, this one goes west, south, east later on, and into the cave covered by the rock in the center of the screen.
Before that, though, head west.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideOur boy is stunned by the height of the bridge and muses for a moment. Head east after.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideYou can’t, actually. It’s too difficult…but doing so, you notice a new path south. Head down there now.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideDown here you’ll see the waterfall the Innkeep mentioned earlier, where men sunbathe and swim nude. Of course, I can’t share that image in this guide, so this is what you get. Over across the way, notice this mossy patch. This is the ingredient we need to get for the alchemist, so tomorrow morning we are coming back to grab it. For now, double-back and open up the rock with your pickax. You should get the

Scenic Route

achievment here, but if not it might pop when you arrive tomorrow in the morning.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHere is Gerald, nursing a bear back to health using the balms he took from us. After some threats, he agrees to stay here all night. Camp out and you’ll get some more interaction when he visits you by your campfire before you go to bed.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes Guide

End of First Walkthrough

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideDay 4 opens with you approaching the cave immediately if you camped right in front of it last night. You’ll have the

Campfire Stories

achievement from last night. Head on inside.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes Guide“♥♥♥♥.” I love that line. The bear has been attacked and supposedly Gerald as well, who is nowhere to be found. We’ve got the rest of the day to find him or he dies. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of time, so we’re gonna get a few things squared off first.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHead back to the waterfall and dive into the water. Exhaust all the dialogue by clicking on the human and almost get invited to some sexy times with the two. Talking to these two should[/] net you the

Honorary Citizen

achievement but I didn’t get it till around the fourth playthrough. Either way, we’ll meet up with them later on…but for now, we are here to grab that Misty Moss on the wall. Nab it and note the new arrow leading south once you’re back in the water – this leads to their camp. For now, head ALL the way back to the alchemist.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideGive the alchemist the Misty Moss we collected earlier and he’ll give us some gold AND a neat Binding Stone, which can activate with spit and trap anything it contacts. We also grab the

Misty Moss

achievement here, naturally. We’re gonna handle one more thing, so head over the the Fence back in town.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWhen you arrive, go ahead and sell the Mushrooms we have left over, this should bring us up to 90 gold. He’ll offer to sell you something now, it’s a premium oil lubricant. It isn’t important, but it changes some lines of dialogue later on if you have it. We’re gonna buy it and head back to the cave where the bear was.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideJust in time! Head east form the cave and you’ll approach a thick forest, one that has a Lost Woods way of putting you back at the beginning if you don’t know the trick to it. There are bloody claws on the trees in the foreground. If there is one marked tree, head east. If there are two, head north.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideAfter following the path, we’ll make it to the showdown between the hunter and Gerald. After a confrontation, we’ll get shot by the hunter and wake up a few days later from the effects of poison.

Day 6

This day opens with a very naughty scene between our orc and the rescued Gerald. You get

Bounty Hunter

along with this scene, I believe. After a brief nap, we can rest easy – Gerald is safe and we can wrap up quests or talk to anyone we haven’t before we finish up the ending. At this point, we’re going to trigger the scene between to two men we met at the waterfall and then end the day.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWalk back and forth a few times until the tent lights up with the two inside and click on it to trigger a naughty scene – a SERIOUS shame you couldn’t join in, but oh well. You get the

Royal Espionage

trophy for your trouble. We’ll be taken to the morning of the next day after the scene plays out. Trigger Event if you wish, then waste time wandering around until the afternoon. You can go back to the bathers to have an awkward conversation.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideHead back here when the sun starts to drop and choose to Look Around The Forest and go north the first opportunity you get. There is a lone rock here and clicking on it will give you directions to the secret training ground. A long scene will play out with Gerald in his werewolf form after being snared by your trick rock. You get the


achievement as naughty stuff happens and the two of you wake up on Day 7.

Finally, go east and finish the game. You’ll get another heartwarming and sexy scene between these two as you have just finished the first run of the game with the best ending! Congrats! You get the

Bounty Acquired

achievement for the true ending.

Karth – Fence Ending

For this run, you do not need to give any items up for quests, the only ones necessary to complete a run are Healing Salves and the Pickax and those are impossible to sell away. Following this guide will get you Karth’s ending, as well as a few other achievements and scenes.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideFollow through the normal guide above for collecting all items on Day One, and talk to the Fisherman to grab the snail as well. Head back to town with these items and ignore the inn – instead selling them to Karth. After you sell Gold Nugget, Mushrooms, and the Ring to him he will open up a new dialogue option and offer to sell you an exotic oil lubricant to you – of course, he will offer to allow you to sample it first. You get a handy and the



Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideAfter a very….happy ending, SAVE YOUR GAME. Refuse to purchase the oil for the


achievement and then immediately reload and purchase the oil. Afterwards, talk to him again and notice we have a new dialogue option! Go ahead and exhaust ALL his dialogue to the point he’s repeatin ghimself, then head to the Inn. Speak to Lozran about Karth and he’ll reveal that he is very uneasy of his presence. Bring this back to Karth. Bring Lozran up twice in a row and Karth will begin to talk about his Orphanage. This will exhaust all his dialogue until the events around Gerald are resolved and he is no longer in danger.

Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWe’re gonna wrap up the Day Two investigation by finding the river sack and purchasing a single salve after talking to the robed man. Wander around until nighttime and with our newfound fortune, Rent a Room at the Inn for the night. After a bit of relaxing in your luxury room, you’ll get curious about the oil and get a really sexy scene of the orc testing it out on himself along with the

Oiled Up


Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideFinish out the events of Day Three and rescue Gerald. As you leave the cave when you wake up, your orc will mention their intentions of staying behind with Karth instead of continuing to chase Gerald. Go grab the Misty Moss from the waterfall and sell it to Karth to finally get the



Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes GuideWhen you get to him, Talk to him about The Future. You’ll get a final sexy scene and fall madly for each other. Yay! You’ll get the

Fenced In

achievement for this ending.

Lozran – Innkeeper Ending

Coming Shortly, I wrote the last few sections out all within a 4 hour span and I am tired. : )

Bath for Two – Share bath
Dragon’s Treasure – Lozran Ending
Endless Bounty – All Endings done
Scalawag! – Forget Logus

That’s all we are sharing today in Endless Bounty 100% Achievements & Scenes Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to DaFawkes

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