6 Best Strongest LoL Champions in Patch 10.20: Camille, Graves, more


League of Legends’ Worlds tournament is well underway and teams from around the globe are busy juking it out for a shot at the crown. While patch 10.20 won’t impact the pro scene, it will have a big effect on the game’s ranked and normal modes. Check out all the latest changes right here.


While the big World’s patch has been and gone, there are still plenty of game-changing buffs and nerfs in present in the 10.20 update. In fact, this patch is aimed purely at reigning in a few of League’s most notorious meta picks. If that wasn’t enough, patch 10.20 also finally brings some much-needed nerfs to the notorious Relentless Hunter rune which has been tearing up the mid-lane.

Aside from the usual champion tweaks, there is the usual wave of bugfixes that aim to further improve the overall quality of each game. If you wish to see all the latest changes for yourself, then you can read Riot’s 10.20 patch notes in full right here. In order to help you increase your ranked win rate, we’ve broken down which champs you should be using in the current meta.

Top-lane: Camille

Camille splash
Riot Games

Camille is slicing and dicing her way to victory in patch 10.20.

The mighty Maokai tree has finally been felled after Riot cut back the Twisted Treant’s Q damage. This has led many players to pick Camille thanks to her ability to brawl it out with League’s tankiest foes. Not only does Camille have decent mobility thanks to Hookshot/Wall Dive, her defensive passive also keeps the Steel Shadow from faltering in battle. 

Camille has always been a popular pick for those looking to aggressively force 1v1 fights against squishy carries. After all, being able to quickly dive into your enemy’s backline and lockdown priority threats is huge, especially in games where you need to focus on one champion. If you wish to slice and dice your way to victory, then Camille is one of the best top-laners to pick in patch 10.20.

Jungle: Graves

Graves splash
Riot Games

This marksman is dominating the jungle with his lethal shotgun.

Riot’s resident outlaw has managed to steal the jungle crown back from Karthus following the Deathsinger’s nerfs. Unlike most junglers, the ranged nature of Graves’ kit allows the Outlaw to effortlessly kite jungle camps and enemy champions. The slow/reduced vision from Smoke Screen and the dash/basic attack reset from Quickdraw creates plenty of kill opportunities, particularly when ganking. 

Having a jungler that can carry games will not only net you a bounty of champion kills, but it will also stop any pesky carries from snowballing. After all, it often only takes one player to uneven the odds in ranked solo queue matches. As of writing, Graves is currently enjoying a 16.68% pick rate and 50.68% win rate, making him a popular pick for those that want to aggressively influence each lane.

Mid-lane: Zed

Zed splash
Riot Games

The shadowy assassin is still one of the most popular mid-lane picks.

Zed reclaims his top-place position again in patch 10.20. This shadowy assassin can effortlessly juke opponents with his clones, allowing him to both engage and escape from fights. Having a mid-laner that excels at slipping into the enemy backline and rushing down squishy carries is huge, particularly in late-game team fights. 

In fact, the Master of Shadows only needs a few kills under his belt before he begins to snowball out of control. To make matters even better, the 10.14 buff to Living Shadow’s missile speed and cooldown reduction have only increased this mid-laner’s kill potential. With so many carry threats lurking around every position, there’s never been a better time to add Zed to your roster.

Bot-lane: Ezreal

Ezreal splash
Riot Games

Ezreal brings great kill potential to any team.

While the Prodigal Explorer has been floating around the top-place rankings since patch 10.12, he has often been beaten by the likes of Senna and Caitlyn. However, the latest patch has brought Ezreal to the forefront of the ADC meta. Not only does the Prodigal Explorer have great poke with his Mystic Shot and Essence Flux, he’s also incredibly mobile thanks to the blink he receives from Arcane Shift.

While Ezreal may not have the range of Caitlyn’s deadly auto-attacks or the excellent team fight potential of Ashe’s ultimate, he does have fantastic kill potential. Being able to both chase and safely disengage fights with Arcane Shift is huge, especially when you’re facing hyper-aggressive team comps. Ezreal’s increased popularity has led to him receiving a massive 38.27% pick rate on the Korean server, making him the most played bot-lane champion. 

Support: Lulu

Lulu splash
Riot Games

Even the 10.20 nerfs can’t stop Lulu’s dominant reign.

Despite receiving a significant nerf to her W damage, this pint-size support still packs a mean punch. Lulu has been absolutely tearing things up in bot-lane thanks to her fantastic poke with Q/W, while her ultimate can be used both aggressively and defensively. Having a support that can drastically increase your allies’ DPS is extremely potent, especially when playing in a pre-made teams. 

Whether the W nerfs will have a drastic impact on her effectiveness remains to be seen, but for now, this support continues to be a popular pick. As of writing, Lulu has a 51.47% win rate and 14.19% pick rate, so you’ll want to either prioritize or ban this champion when queuing up for your next ranked game. 

Meta breaker: Sion

Sion splash
Riot Games

Sion brings both damage and tanky plays to the jungle.

Sion has been missing from the spotlight for a while now, but Riot aims to bring the Undead Juggernaut back from the dead in patch 10.20. His Q has received a damage increase which is tailored towards killing monsters, allowing him to slay jungle camps more effectively. This hulking champion may not be the most mobile jungler, but his Q+W combo can prove absolutely lethal in fights. 

Being able to deliver high damage hits, movement-stopping knock-ups, and engaging enemy carries with devastating ultimate stuns is extremely useful. Not only does Sion deliver decent damage, but his bulky nature and death-defying passive make him incredibly hard to shut down. While Sion may not be the go-to jungler in the current meta, his lethal plays can often take players by surprise.

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