Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)


For Alchemist Simulator players, this guide contains general onformation and tips, all potion recipes, achievement list and mild humor, let’s check it out.


General Information and Tips

In this section, I listed stuff I learned during my playthrough. Some of them are about game mechanics while some are basic starter information.

  • ➤You can not jump or sprint (I know, sad). Also, the whole game takes place in the same house so you might want to get used to it. You will walk around A LOT, checking the Almanac, shop, the aspect chart and so on.
  • ➤You get 3 contracts a day until you start getting contracts that want multiple potions for one quest. I was doing one contract at a time in the last 5 ingame days before I ran out for good. All of them wanted 4 or 5 potions.
  • ➤One ingame hour lasts 30 seconds. The day starts at 9 AM and you get a warning (“It is getting dark”) at 10:30 PM. You faint at 12 PM and wake up at 9 AM. This means that one whole ingame day lasts 7.5 minutes if you work until 12 PM.
  • ➤You lose processed materials if you faint or end the day when you have them sitting around. (I think they decay?) However, you can keep materials as long as you want given that they are not processed. You can only keep 6 processed materials at once (no shelf upgrades for those).
  • ➤You can keep 8 potions at once. Simply place them in the holders above the grindstone. You can only keep 6 processed materials at once. Those slots are also above the grindstone.
  • ➤You have a “trash can” to the left of dryer. You can dispose of unusable materials there (or leave them at the shelf since they decay if the day changes).
  • ➤You can use one material with multiple aspects if it fits your recipe. You don’t need to get all aspects in individual materials to succeed. As long as the aspects match the recipe, it will succeed. Also, there are multiple ways to get the aspects you need from complex materials. Don’t focus on using the same materials over and over again because it won’t be fast or cost-efficient enough after a while.
  • ➤Time pauses while you are looking at the Almanac and the Shop. Hitting ESC and viewing the menu also pauses the game (no I’m not trying to be obvious, some sounds continue playing so it doesn’t feel like you paused).
  • ➤The shop has random discounts. Keep an eye out for red price tags on materials. You can stockpile the materials for later as long as they stay unprocessed.
  • ➤You can sell a potion to the shop even if it’s not the “potion of the day”. Any sold potions give you gold THE NEXT DAY. Of course, you get paid more if you sell the named potion.
  • ➤All stations work by themselves and require no input other than you activating them with a material in your hand. This means you can activate multiple stations and “multitask” to save time.
  • ➤Currently, there are only 3 things you can upgrade with the gold you save.- The knife: durability and sharpening speed increase
    – The mortar: lets you increase all existing aspect levels on a material, up to 3 levels at max upgrade
    – The shelves: gives you more space for unprocessed materials
  • ➤There are a total of 5 stations in the game. The knife board, the mortar, the dryer, the cleaner and the juicer. You start with the knife, mortar and dryer and unlock the other two as you level your Fame up.- The knife “cuts” aspects of a certain group without distinction. You CAN NOT cut the same material more than once.
    – The mortar improves existing aspects by 1, 2 or 3 levels. You CAN NOT grind the same material more than once.
    – The dryer decreases all aspect levels by one. You can dry the same material multiple times.
    – The cleaner removes either the right (negative) or left (positive) side of aspects on a material without distinction. Positive Polarization means it will remove all positive aspects while Negative Polarization means it will remove all negative ones.
    – The juicer “juices” the aspects you pick from the material, effectviely removing everything except the aspect family you picked. (I never needed this station myself because the other 4 seem to be enough.)

All Potion Recipes

Sometimes you just want to Shift + TAB and check the overlay instead of walking to that dusty ol’ Almanac and wasting an ingame hour walking. This section will let you do exactly that by having all 30 available potion recipes right under your fingers. I had to walk to the damn Almanac and the damn chart 100+ times while playing so now you don’t have to do that.

The recipes are ordered in the order I have in the Almanac. I don’t know if the ordering changes if you skip contracts but the list I have seems to have it from Easy to Complex.

I’ll include an image of the aspect chart to help, that thing isn’t mobile either. Just don’t zoom in. This is the best I could capture.
Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
I’ll also include levels in the recipes. The levels for positive aspects count from left to right while negative ones count right to left. (1>2>3>4 Positive = Negative 4<3<2<1) I’ll refer to the levels as L1-L2-L3 and L4, followed by the aspect family (Life-Death / Heat-Cold / Order-Chaos / Purity-Corruption).


Heal (L2 Life) + Light (L2 Purity)

Heat Resistance

Cure (L1 Life) + Cold (L1 Cold) + Cold (L1 Cold)

Cold Resistance

Cure (L1 Life) + Heat (L1 Heat) + Heat (L1 Heat)

No Sleep

Motion (L2 Chaos) + Clarity (L1 Purity)

Cure Disease

Cure (L1 Life) + Cure (L1 Life)


Wind (L1 Chaos) + Motion (L2 Chaos)


Gravity (L2 Order) + Motion (L2 Chaos)


Darkness (L2 Corruption) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption)


Motion (L2 Chaos) + Motion (L2 Chaos) + Clarity (L1 Purity)


Light (L2 Purity) + Light (L2 Purity)


Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Wind (L1 Chaos) + Wind (L1 Chaos)

Cat’s Eye

Clairty (L1 Purity) + Light (L2 Purity) + Light (L2 Purity)

Slow Fall

Gravity (L2 Order) + Motion (L2 Chaos) + Wind (L1 Chaos)


Growth (L3 Life) + Light (L2 Purity)


Disease (L3 Death) + Poison (L1 Death) + Darkness (L2 Corruption)


Ice (L2 Cold) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption) + Darkness (L2 Corruption)


Bane (L3 Death) + Heat (L1 Heat) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption)


Order (L3 Order) + Clarity (L1 Purity) + Clarity (L1 Purity)


Clarity (L1 Purity) + Clarity (L1 Purity) + Purity (L3 Purity) + Ground (L1 Order)

Cure Bane

Cure (L1 Life) + Order (L3 Order) + Purity (L3 Purity)


Cessation (L3 Cold) + Ground (L1 Order) + Gravity (L2 Order)


Order (L3 Order) + Order (L3 Order) + Ignorance (L1 Corruption)


Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Clarity (L1 Purity) + Purity (L3 Purity)


Cessation (L3 Cold) + Gravity (L2 Order) + Gravity (L2 Order)

Plant Growth

Growth (L3 Life) + Ground (L1 Order) + Order (L3 Order)

Command Creature

Bane (L3 Death) + Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Corruption (L3 Corruption)


Heal (L2 Life) + Growth (L3 Life) + Life (L4 Life)

Reverse Aging

Life (L4 Life) + Chaos (L3 Chaos) + Chaos (L3 Chaos)


Life (L4 Life) + Bane (L3 Death) + Chaos (L3 Chaos)


Death (L4 Death) + Bane (L3 Death) + Chaos (L3 Chaos)

Achievement List

The achievements in this game are fairly easy. There are only one or two that are a bit vague but most of them have enough information in the description provided at release. You never know what sort of detail you might be missing so feel free to refer to the list below:

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
Beginner’s Luck
Make your first potion

Fairly easy. Follow the tutorial and make a Healing Potion. Any potion should work but I’ll assume you just started the game.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
And so it begins…
Complete your first contract

Turn the potion in. Nothing fancy here.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
I am so tireeeeeed…
Fall asleep from exhaustion

The ingame day starts at 9 AM and ends at 12 PM. You get an alert that says “It is getting dark” at 10:30 PM. Simply wait for 12 and “faint” to get this achievement.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
A little renovation
Make a first workstation upgrade

Simply upgrade one of the tools or shelves you have by one level. You can do it in the first ingame week if you manage your gold and resources properly.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
Got my mind on my money…
Earn 10,000 gold

Play until you save 10000 gold. Some of the midgame contracts will give you a good chunk of gold. You only need to be careful at the start.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
Creme de la creme
Reach the maximum fame level

Get maximum Fame level. Fame experience is irrelevant if you can do all contracts available in any given day because you will level pretty quickly and without problems.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
So the world is round…
Complete the main questline

Follow the contracts with the exclamation mark. Simply go through them all to get this one. Remember, you can do all contracts available in one day if you manage your gold and materials!

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
Pimp My Lab
Upgrade all of your equipment.

Pretty simple but prioritize your mortar when upgrading. The ability to add more than one level to an aspect is very handy towards early midgame and endgame.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
A walking encyclopedia
Learn all recipes

Certain contracts add recipes to our trusty Almanac. Keep an eye out for the contracts that give you recipes. There are a total of 30 recipes in the game at the moment.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
I didn’t know it can do that
Discover a potion without any hints

This one is a bit secretive. What you need to do is to craft a potion BEFORE the Almanac has the recipe for it. I used Cure Disease (Cure + Cure, just cut Heat from 2 coals and cook it). You can just pick another save data if you want to get it without affecting your current playthrough.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
End of the road
Complete all quests

Complete all contracts/questlines. You complete all of them at about day 25 or so if you are managing well.

Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One)
Not an alchemist, but a trader
Sell each type of potion

To get this one, you are meant to sell (LMB on the rat NPC) one of each 30 potions. I couldn’t remember which ones I sold so I simply made all 30 recipes over like 4 days to get this one.


Massive thanks to:
– Me, myself and I
– Future commenter who will point a typo and such
– Future commenter who will point out wrong info
– and so onI used the game itself as a source because I happened to buy and play at release. This means there probably aren’t much information floating around yet. I did my best to include everything I felt was important. I hope it was useful to you, my dear reader.

Feel free to upvote/favorite or whatever, as long as this guide was useful to someone I don’t care if it’s popular or not.

That’s all we are sharing today in Alchemist Simulator Ultimate Guide (All-In-One), if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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