Alchemy Stars Best Reroll Guide: How To Reroll On Android & iOS?

Alchemy Stars Best Reroll Guide: How To Reroll On Android & iOS?

20.06.2021 0 By Butcher79

Our Alchemy Stars reroll guide will teach you how to reroll on the Android & iOS
version of Alchemy Stars Aurora Blast, who to reroll, reroll tier list

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide: Rerolling Guide

Since the Alchemy Stars download size is around 2GB and it may detect the guest
account, deleting the game and installing it back to start from scratch would not
work and it’s not a good way to reroll if you have limited data. So you will have to
use multiple account IDs if you want to reroll or use salted emails(update; salted
emails method added, scroll down to check how to create salt email and use it to
reroll in Alchemy Stars

– mails might not work as the game does not allow you to bind the
account later with another service like Gmail, Twitter, Apple ID – so if you use temp
email first, then you can not bind that account with another service to protect it
permanently) This Alchemy Stars reroll guide is based on the Global version of the
game (US, SEA, JP, KR), let’s get started: –

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide: Create & Use Salt Emails To Reroll

In this Alchemy Stars reroll method, you will create and use the salt emails to reroll.
Requirements; Gmail ID.

How to create Salt email; let’s say your Gmail address is
[email protected]”. All you need to do is add a dot next to any letter of
your Gmail when you register in the game, examples: –

Registration: Open the game -> you will be asked to login -> tap on the “Register
Now” button. Enter the salt Gmail address (i.e. [email protected] while
your main email address is [email protected]). After entering the email
address, tap on the verification code button – a verification code will be sent to your
email address(open Gmail app -> check the Spam folder -> there you will get the
verification code).

Go back to the game and enter the verification code. Then enter the password. Tap
next to register

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide I: Use Multiple Account IDs To Reroll

On the start screen of the game(where you select the server and tap to enter the
game), in the top-left corner, tap the logout button or in the game, go to settings –
sign out -> choose another account ID to start from scratch. If you are on Android or
iOS, use this method to reroll in Alchemy Stars.

(Short Notes; create multiple email IDs, use different-different FB accounts, Twitter
accounts and use them for rerolling; log out and log in with another account to start
from scratch)

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide II: Collect Lumamber To Pull Characters

Step 1(6 MINUTES) The very first step is to go through the tutorial, at 1-4 scene,
you will get around 2.4K Lumbamber:

  • 600 Lumamber as a pre-registration reward, which you can claim from the ingame mailbox(tap the mail icon on the left side of the lobby/game’s main
  • 300 Lumamber as a tutorial reward
  • 1500 Lumamber more from the in-game mailbox

With 2.4K Lumamber, you can pull 8 times from the Mainstay Banner as it costs
X300 Lumamber for X1 Pull. Or, you can pull 16 times from the beginner banner as
the beginner banner gives you a 50% discount, but its 6* drop rate is low.

Step 2(Optional – 30 Minutes – Guaranteed 6* at beginner banner) Step 2 is
optional – go further 1-4 scene to 2-1 cutscene(1-16 stage) and at this stage, you
will have around 3700 Lumamber(each stage/scene gives around 50 Lumamber – if
you complete the stages with 3*)

With 3.7K Lumamber, you can pull 12 times from Mainstay Banner, +20 times from
beginner banner(21st pull gives you 6* guaranteed character).

Reroll Guide III: Banners For Rerolling

(Main screen -> recruit -> use navigation keys<> to switch banners) There are two
main banners; beginner banner, Mainstay Banner – the beginner banner gives you
a 50% discount on pulls; from 300 Lumamber to 150/pull. But its 6* drop rate seems
to be low.

Mainstay Banner does not give you any discount; each pull costs 300 Lumamber
or X1 star flare, but the drop rate of characters on this banner seems to be better than the beginner banner. 

Beginner Banner gives you guaranteed 6* character at
21st pull(21st draw)

⇒We recommend rerolling on the Mainstay banner and save the beginner banner
for later (after you finish rerolling). It’s up to you to decide.

Reroll Guide: Reroll Targets

  • Reroll Target; at least (1) 6-star character (6 minutes reroll, 1-4 scene, 2.4K
  • Reroll Target; at least (X2) 6-star characters(30 minutes reroll, 2-1 cutscene,
    1-16 stage, 3.7K Lumamber)

Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide IV: Who To Reroll, Reroll Tier List(Based on CBT)

  • Raphael (Water, 6-Star) + Vice (Water, 5-Star Optional) – Top-Tier Combo:
    Raphael + 5-star Water Character
  • Hiro or Hiiro (Forest, 6-Star) or Gabriel (Forest, 6-Star) + Uriah (optional, 4-
    star)- top-tier forest element characters
  • Charon (Fire, 6-Star) – top-tier character or Uriel (Fire, 6-Star)

So that’s all we got in this post on Alchemy Stars reroll guide: who to reroll for, how
to reroll, etc.