All Archons of Genshin Impact Guide

Archons in Genshin Impact are the most powerful and influential characters of the entire game.

The Seven Archons are also referred to as the Seven. The 2 terms are corresponding, yet they both represent the most important characters in all of Genshin Impact. They’re critical to the seven major nations in Genshin Impact and possess an item called as the Gnosis.
This item gives a connection to Celestia and is considered more than just a mere Vision. It’s an important a part of the Archon Quests, with the player failing to acquire the primary two Archons so far. It should be noted that this article will speak only of the present seven Archons, and not on past ones.

The 7 Archons of Genshin Impact

As of now, there are total seven Archons in Genshin Impact; out of which two are playable, with another one planned to be made available in the future. Other than that, they are major characters within the Archon story quest in Genshin Impact. They’re some of the most significant characters in the storyline.

Morax – Geo Archon

Morax is also referred to as the Rex Lapis, but Genshin Impact players know him by another name Zhongli. Over 6,000 years old, this makes him the oldest character in Genshin so far. Morax represents everything that contrasts to Liyue.

He’s one of the major characters in the Liyue Archon quest; and the 2nd of the Seven Archons in the game. He willingly gives up his Gnosis to Signora, unlike Venti.

Barbatos – Anemo Archon

Barbatos, known as Venti to most Genshin Impact players. He represents Freedom in Mondstadt. He ascended into his position 2,600 years ago, which makes him one of the oldest characters in Genshin.

He is among the three Archons that currently feature in the game. He’s among the first archons that the players meet during the Archon quest, but he, unfortunately, gets his Gnosis stolen by Signora. He’s the weakest Archon.

Baal – Electro Archon

Baal will be an upcoming playable character and is also referred to as the Raiden Shogun. It’s unknown how old Baal is; and her part in the Archon Quest isn’t fully released yet. Known also as the God of Eternity.

God of Justice – Hydro Archon

Like with the God of Wisdom, there’s not much known about the God of Justice. She’s relevant in the Fontaine region and uses Hydro powers, she is described as: a God who lives for the spectacle of the courtroom and who seeks to judge other Gods.

God of Wisdom – Dendro Archon

The name of the God of Wisdom’s hasn’t yet been outed to the players, but he’s the youngest among the Seven Archons. He only came to power 500 years ago. What’s known is that he’s a male and that is found in Sumeru in an unreleased location.

Tsaritsa – Cryo Archon

Her real name is unknown, but she’s Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya. Not much is known about the character except that she’s one of the main antagonists of Genshin Impact so far. She wishes to destroy the world using the gnosis she’s collected till now.

Murata – Pyro Archon

Murata is likely to have slightly tanned skin, similar to her people; and her real name is unknown as of now. Known as the Lady of Fire in Natlan and she represents the God of War in Genshin Impact.   

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