All Checkpoints in Code Vein, Where to Find Mistletoe – Guide


In Code Vein, mistletoe control points, for the most part, act as bonfires in Dark Souls games, but with the addition of many other useful features.

Where to find all mistletoe in Code Vein — read our guide.

Found mistletoe need to activate or stop on it to use as a new checkpoint.

Control points in Code Vein

Омела в Code VeinMistletoe in Code Vein

This is what happens when you activate mistletoe:

  • When you just stand on a point, the game will automatically save;
  • When you first activate a point, you can mark your location on the map;
  • If you use a point, your Ichor (Ichor), stamina (stamina) and health will be replenished. But remember that it will also return your stock limit (stock limit) to the normal level;
  • Stopping at a point can awaken all enemies except bosses.

Location mistletoe

Here is a list of all locations in Code Vein where you can find checkpoints:

  • The Catacombs (Area D-12 Ruined City Underground)
  • Home Base
  • Ruined City Center
  • Howling Pit
  • Dried-up Trenches
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
  • Memories of Player

Actions on the control points

Контрольная точкаControl points

Here is a list of actions you can take after stopping on mistletoe in Code Vein:

  • Tutorial: you can re-take the training;
  • Storage: here you can accumulate and manage a variety of items;
  • Switch Companion: you can manage and choose a partner to your liking;
  • Save and Exit: you can save to the point and return to the main screen;
  • Fast Travel: you can use mistletoe as a teleportation point in the game to move quickly;
  • Level Up: you will be able to unlock new rewards for each blood code. For this also will need “Haze”;
  • Level up: you will be able to level up to increase the parameters. You may need a “Haze” to level up, which can be obtained by killing enemies, bosses, or be found while exploring the game.

* * *

This is all we currently know about mistletoe in Code Vin. I hope you enjoyed this guide!

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