All Endings in Tribal Hunter Guide

All Endings in Tribal Hunter Guide

26.02.2021 0 By Butcher79

For Tribal Hunter players, if you are interested in different endings, this is a short guide on how to obtain all possible endings in the game.


Small note: Any new information about the endings will be added later on. Oh, and spoilers ahead, obviously

Before we start, you should know that all the endings DO NOT require 100% completion or special requirements. You can get all the endings regardless if you found all the secrets or beaten all the bosses or not.

There are currently 3 possible endings in the game. 2 Neutral Endings and 1 True Ending. So, let’s dive in!


Ending #1 – Escape the Island [Neutral Ending]

How to obtain this ending :

  • Beat Lord Darkdread in the Castle, then exit the room to the left, from where you entered.Once you leave the room, a cutscene will play, showing Munch, the villagers, and the pirate crew leaving the island on a ship. The island falls apart, but they escaped safely and plan to find a new place to stay.Ending Hint: After the cutscene, and unknown voice will question if this was really your destiny. It will give you a hint to the secret in Darkdread’s throne room.

Ending #2 – Fate Sealed (Neutral Ending)

How to obtain this ending:

  • Beat Lord Darkdread in the Castle, then approach the throne. The Spirit will appear and hints at you to destroy it. Ground/Body slam the throne until the floor breaks and fall into it. You will then see the seal in which The Spirit will ask you to seal it away with your body. Inhale the seal.Once you sealed away the darkness, The Spirit will tell Munch to ‘rest now, as you’ve fulfilled your duty as a Guardian’. The island is saved, but at the cost of sacrificing Munch. The scene will cut to Munch who is (presumably) in permanent slumber.Ending hint: An unknown voice will appear and question if this was really your fate. It will tell you to prove you’re better than that.

Ending #3 – A True Guardian (True Ending)

How to obtain this ending:

  • Follow the same steps as the Fate Sealed ending. HOWEVER, this time, DO NOT listen to The Spirit. Instead of sealing the darkness, keep punching the seal. The Spirit will be annoyed at you and will ask you to stop. Keep punching the seal until it breaks.The Spirit will be very ticked off at you and call you a ‘traitor’. The castle explodes and the screen will cut to a damaged Munch doll falling onto the ground, and the island will start crumbling. The residents of the island will consider to leave but the villagers still believe that Munch can still fix this mess. Munch possesses the doll and prepares to settle things once and for all
  • The Final BattleThe village elder will ask Munch to prepare before heading for the final showdown. Stock up on healing items and upgrade the milk to the max. Once you’re prepared, head to the right to meet up with To-Ri. He will take you the the final boss, The Spirit. The Spirit has 3 phases.Phase 1:

    She fires light arrows at you, in a bullet-hell manner. Nothing too extreme, but still pretty hard to dodge. Occasionally, she will fire out grey floating slimes which can be eaten to fill your fullness meter.

    Phase 2:

  • The Spirit transforms into a dragon and has much more attacks. In addition the light arrows, she now has a homing and charging attack. For the homing attack, she will fire one slow-moving electric orb at you. It is possible for you to break it by punching it. Breaking the electric orb will spawn out grey slimes for consumption. For the charging attack, she charges towards you 3 times in a row. Note that this attack is very difficult to dodge up close, so get as much distant as possible when she starts to target you.

    Final Phase :

    The Spirit will transform into a MUCH bigger dragon. The head, and the 2 hands of the dragon will appear with disappearing mid-air platforms. There will be platforms appearing and disappearing around her head, jump on it to be able to hit her. Note that you can only do damage to the head, attacking the arms is extremely pointless. You’ll find that you will deal almost no damage at the smallest size, but fear not! The islanders will aid you by dropping food onto the battleground. Even without the food assist, this phase is still much easier than Phase 2.

    Her arms will fire light arrows in a circular pattern and will sometimes smash the floor, creating pillars from the shockwave. The pillars travels from the current arm to almost the middle of the screen, and this attack is pretty slow.

    Occasionally, the map will clear out and her body will appear. A large boulder will fall onto the ground. The islanders will advise you to hide behind the boulder, in which you should do so. You do not want to get hit by this attack at all.

  • AftermathAfter calming The Spirit down (by beating her), she regains her composure and promises to change for the better. The screen fades to black and the credit plays with some cutscenes in-between!
    I won’t spoil the cutscenes, so you can view it yourself.
  • One Last DecisionMunch and the village girl will be having a picnic. Munch expresses his interest in exploring other lands now that the island is at peace and he has basically fulfilled his role. The Spirit will appear once again. Hearing the village girl wishes, she offer Munch a choice to become a human and live with them, OR stay as lizard guardian. Neither of the choices will affect your ending, so choose as you please.


And that’s all 3 (current) endings! I’m unsure if there’s doing to be a DLC since it was mentioned in the kickstarter page, but I will update thing accordingly if it happens!

Thank you for reading my short guide and happy munching!

That’s all we are sharing today in Tribal Hunter All Endings Guide, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.