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In the interactive horror The Dark Pictures: Man of Eden, there are several endings, each of which depends on what decisions the players have made as they progress. In this article we will talk in detail about all the endings. Attention, spoilers!

The best ending

In this ending, all the heroes will survive, including even Junior. In the finale, they leave the ship and get away on the yacht “Duke of Milan”. They discuss what happened to them on the ship, and Alex puts the ring back on his beloved Julia’s finger. The only one unlucky in this ending — the military (if you managed to call for help on the radio). On the ship they are attacked by a surviving pirate who kills them with a sledgehammer

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Here’s what you need to do for this ending:

  • Julia should say Yes when Alex asks her to marry him;
  • Julia listens to Alex when they’re both underwater, and so she doesn’t come up too early to not expose the body to decompression sickness;
  • Conrad does not escape in the boat, but stays with the group;
  • Fliss and brad shouldn’t kill each other on the ship;
  • Brad can’t be found on the boat while he’s hiding out there. He must also find a gas mask that will save him from a confrontation with Fliss;
  • Successfully perform QTE, when the heroes will chase creatures.
  • However, do not make hasty decisions, because of which some heroes may die;
  • Search the corpse for Danny to return Julie’s ring;
  • Convince Junior that you didn’t inhale the fog when he points a gun at you. In no case do not tell him that you inhaled the fog, otherwise he will shoot one of the heroes;
  • Bring a rebreather to convince Junior;
  • Breaking out of Olson’s hands, hit him in QTE;
  • Do not let the rats bite Alex, otherwise the heroes will not be able to repair the yacht;
  • If Conrad encounters a female monster, don’t try to jump down, otherwise he will die;
  • If a two-headed woman attacks Alex in the final, don’t kill her, but don’t try to cut a rat out of her body.

Another good ending

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In this final, all the characters will also survive, but their Savior will be Conrad. First, Conrad must successfully escape from the yacht by boat. Note that when he tries to do this, he will want to shoot, and so try not to screw up QTE. Second, for this ending, Alex must be bitten by a rat in the finale. In this case, the characters will not be able to repair the yacht, resulting in them to help come Conrad. It is worth noting that if Alex is not bitten by rats, in the end Conrad will arrive on the ship, but there will be no one there. He will be killed in the final scene.

Bad ending


The characters cannot escape because their yacht is broken and there is nowhere to call for help. In the end, the surviving characters will meet on the deck. Alex would tell him to find water and food, and Julia and Conrad would go with him. Fliss and brad, in turn, will have other ideas. Fliss will say that perhaps the current can bring the yacht to safety.

  • This final is possible if:
    Conrad remained in the group or died;
  • You didn’t give your coordinates to the rescue team;
  • Distributor cap was destroyed.

Bad ending (if one of the characters dies)

  • Julia is alive, but Conrad is dead. Julia says that even though Conrad was an asshole, he just wanted to make people laugh.;
  • Alex is alive, but brad is dead. Alex will start to talk about how he was always trying to take care of his brother, and therefore can not believe that he is no longer there;
  • Fliss brad or killed by each other. When the heroes meet in the cargo Bay, they do not recognize each other because of the effect of “Manchurian gold”. In the end, brad can kill Fliss if she fails to defend herself by performing a QTE. In a similar situation, Fliss can kill brad when a mysterious hooded figure approaches her;
  • Julia could die at the hands of Junior if he finds out that the characters inhaled the fog;
  • Also Julia may die if during a dive with Alex, she would come to the surface too early. Her death would come at the very end, even with a better ending. She’ll start showing symptoms of decompression sickness. She’ll start coughing up blood and die. Other characters will not be able to save her, and Alex will blame himself for what happened (if he survives). Oddly enough, Conrad will talk about his meeting with the “terrible woman.”

The worst ending (everyone dies)

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In this finale, the heroes will be killed by the military, who learned from the characters the name of the ship. On it, by the way, is a biological weapon called ” Manchurian gold.” To prevent leakage of information, the military will shoot all the heroes.

This ending is possible if the characters learn the name of the ship and tell about it on the radio. To achieve this ending, the cover of the Trambler must be destroyed (so that the heroes do not sail away on the yacht), and Conrad must stay with the group instead of sailing away on the boat.

You can also see all possible endings in the video below:

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