All Secrets & Stages – 9 Monkeys of Shaolin


For players of 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, this is a guide showing all secrets on all stages and identifying them by stage. Let’s check it out.


Secrets and Stages


Player Mod

  • Big Head: Chapter 1, Sawmill
  • Small Head: Chapter 3, Silver Mine
  • Big Body: Chapter 4, Port

Modifies the player 3D models to have either big heads, small heads or big bodies.

Enemy Mod

  • Big Head: Chapter 1, Eight Diagrams
  • Small Head: Chapter 3, Swamp Camp
  • Big Body: Chapter 4, Black Dog

Modifies the enemy 3D models to have either big heads, small heads or big bodies.

Appearance (Player 1/2)

  • Shikami: Chapter 1, Captured Village
  • Vasily: Chapter 2, Tulou on Fire
  • Hannya: Chapter 2, Coastal Cave
  • Peasant: Chapter 3, Mountain Village
  • Kassik: Chapter 3, Huangshan
  • Liu Haibo: Chapter 4, Prison
  • Okina: Chapter 4, Fudo’s Mansion
  • Grandfather: Chapter 5, Shipwreck
  • Fudo: Chapter 5, Mount Hiei

Changes the player models to the matching NPC model.


  • Sepia: Chapter 1, Mount Putuo
  • Inverted Colors: Chapter 5, Wenzhou

A visual filter applied on the game’s rendering.

Faster than Wind

Chapter 2, Mount Longhu
Makes the game run 100% faster.

Boosted effects

Chapter 2, Poyang Lake


Chapter 3, Hangzhou

Drunken Master

Chapter 3, Mount Jiuhua
Makes you throw random attacks in sequence when attacking.

Monks in Disguise

Chapter 4, Naha Streets

Howling Wolves

Chapter 5, Abandoned Fortress


  • ➤All stages of the game have a secret to be found, except the tutorial.
  • ➤To know if you got the secrets from a stage or not, check the chapter selection NPC/Table, and see if the stage has the Gold Statue at the right side of its name. If it’s showing the statue, you still haven’t found its secret.
  • ➤As shown in the video, if you’re just running stages for secrets, there’s no need to complete the stage, you can just pick up the secret and leave the stage, it’ll still count.
  • ➤These are not cheats, as they don’t really mess with the game’s difficulty. Actually, they can make things harder on some cases.

That’s all we are sharing today in 9 Monkeys of Shaolin All Secrets & Stages , if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

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