Amazing Cultivation Simulator Top OP Reincarnator Start

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Top OP Reincarnator Start

01.12.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Amazing Cultivation Simulator players, if you want to have a good start, this is a guide that provides a top op reincarnator start, let’s check it out.


All in the text

Write Cao Cao you get your hat on your guy and 7 perk instead of 5 beware he is a loner start.
You need to hire someone else right after to do the dirty work.
Or do it with the top list of webnovel listing : Start with Xiao Yan and Lin Dong take Cao Cao as Crafter and Nalan Yanran as medic and the 5 th you can take whatever you want. P.S. Sun Ce and Liu Bei is trash and isn’t recommanded at all.
Fun try Radiz Goku 8 ptsOr credits to GC123 and dev on the discussion channel

Shenshen Ruye
Sun Yalong
Li Haoyu
Zhao Da
Yang Shu
Wang Laoju
Jing Xiang -female reincarnator
Qian Xiaoqian -female reincarnator

Qiu Si -female Tayi disciple
Zhangsun Shan -male Tayi disciple
Sui Wenyan -female Tayi disciple
Wenren Yu -male Tayi disciple

That’s the prebuild top dog.

Those who want to do the game breaker and want to edit their own characters.
This part require to create your own reincarnator from near scratch by using the realm palace then clicking content editor.
You create your own lad,weapon, or blueprint. Save it and then publish it on the workshop if you think it’s popular.
Otherwise you can play it on local by checking owned and the name by default is Customise Reincarnator. If you did enable your custom avatar by typing their name you can have a boosted guy. And there are already some mod on the workshop in english for breaking balance with weapon if you are lazy to do it.P.S : If you use that part of the guide don’t expect a really long time of gameplay
This is a mod I have prepared for that just to illustrate and with easy name to remember if you enable the mod.
Amazing Cultivation Simulator Top OP Reincarnator Start

That’s all we are sharing today in Amazing Cultivation Simulator Top OP Reincarnator Start, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.