Apex Legends – All Gravity Lift Locations


Apex Legends makers have launched Gravity Lifts throughout the map and the players want know about their locations. Read more to know about Apex Legends.


Apex Legends has been one of the most played games of the current generation. It is a free to play FPP shooter game that has been developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The makers recently introduced the Horizon character in their game. The player can now use its ability to skyhook gravity lift. Read more to know about Horizon in Apex Legends.

Gravity Lift Locations

The players want to know about the gravity lift locations that have been located throughout the Apex Legends map. These key cards can be found by completing the challenges that have been introduced in the game. The players will need to reach the north of World’s Edge. There are a total of two gravity lifts located throughout the maps.

The first one is located in Skyhook and the second one inside Refinery. Reach these locations and interact with the machine. You will see a small blue light come out of the pad on the floor, that will rocket you into the sky. The second set of Gravity Lifts are located on the opposite sides of Kings Canyo.

The first one is located at the Airbase on the western side of the map. And the second one is located on the eastern side, just outside Repulsor. If you still have not bee able to get the access card, follow these steps: 

How to get the key card for Gravity lifts?

  • Reach Firing Range and interact with the monitor
  • You will unlock these three challenges:
  1. Deal 10 damage while mid-air
  2. Get 10 knockdowns
  3. Outlive 120 opponents

Where can I download Apex Legends?

  • Apex Legends can be downloaded using the following stores and techniques:
  1. Origin Direct Download (PC)
  2. PlayStation® Store (PlayStation® 4)
  3. Xbox One Store (Xbox One)

More about Apex Legends

The makers had recently got the gaming community extremely happy after their announcement of going cross-platform. They announced their Apex legends Cross-Play to be launched by Fall 2020. They still have not announced Apex Legends cross-platform release date and the fans are certainly eager to know more about it. Thus the players can expect any date between September 2020 and December 2020. The makers have promised to reveal a lot more information about Apex Legends cross-platform in the coming month. Thus stay tuned in to know more about Apex Legends cross-platform release. 

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