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Guide for Beginners


If you want to be the best Viking in the afterlife, our Valheim Guide for Beginners will help you get started! This Valheim Beginners Guide will teach you how to build your first base and how to beat the first boss, Eikthyr.

Valheim is a game set in the secret tenth realm of the Norse cosmos that’s filled with bountiful nature and deadly enemies. You’ve been tasked by Odin with defeating gigantic, terrifying monsters in this strange new world — and you’ll need the right tools and the right knowledge to do it. Check out the Valheim Early Access Launch Trailer to get an idea of what it’s like.

Early Game Tips

You’ll spawn in the center of a stone circle with nothing but your wits, rag clothing, and a torch. Follow these tips to get you through the first few minutes.

Listen to Hugin

Valheim Listen to Hugin.JPGHugin the Raven will pop up when you do something for the first time or when you approach something relevant. It is essentially the tutorial and will offer helpful tips on how to go through the game.

Collect Branches and Gather Stone

Valheim Gather Stone.JPG Valheim Gather Wood.JPG

You’ll need Wood and Stone to survive so you need to collect branches and rocks from the floor. You can also melee attack thin saplings with your fists to get wood.

Gather Berries

Valheim Health and Hunger Bar.JPGYou’ll find Berry Bushes around the starting area. Food is important because it’s what regenerates health, and your health and stamina bar grow larger the larger your food bar is.

Build an Axe

Valheim Stone Axe.JPGAn axe is your first essential tool to surviving the world of Valheim. It allows you to get wood at a faster page. Crafting an axe costs 5 wood and 4 stones.

Chop Down Trees

To get wood efficiently, you’ll need to chop down trees. Simply hit trees with your axe until they turn to logs, and chop the logs when they fall down. Two things to note: the starter axe cannot chop some types of trees, and falling logs will damage you if they fall on you.

Building A Home

Valheim Building A Home.JPGOnce you get the basics down, first thing you need to really start is a shelter. This is a campfire, a bed, and a workbench.

Build a Hammer and Workbench

Valheim Build a Workbench.JPGOnce you get enough wood to build a house, build a hammer with 3 wood and 2 stone. You can right click with the hammer equipped to access the build menu and then build a workbench under the Crafting menu for 10 wood. This will allow you to build buildings in its vicinity, so build it near flat land.

Build Shelter

Build Shelter.JPGFind a nice flat land to settle in and build floors by right-clicking with the hammer equipped and looking under the Building menu. Once you selected what you will build, you will see a blueprint appear where you aim, and left click to build it. after building floors, build walls and a roof. You’ll have to rebuild or build another workbench inside the house to be able to use it. You can dismantle furniture by middle-clicking them with a hammer and get the resources back.

Make sure to leave a floor and the roof above it open for the campfire.

Build a Campfire

Valheim Build A Campfire.JPGBuild a campfire inside your house by dismantling one of the floors and putting the campfire on the ground. The campfire can only be built on ground so take note of this when building your house. Additionally, dismantle the roof above it so that smoke can exit from it.

Build a Bed

Valheim Build A Bed.JPGBuild a bed under the Furniture menu with the hammer, then place it in your house. This will allow to respawn there and allow you to sleep through the night.

Other Tips and Tricks

Now your adventure has truly begun. Check out our other tips and tricks guides to learn how to progress further in the game!

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