BlazeSky Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners


For BlazeSky playersm this is just a guide that provides some quick high level tips for getting the most out of BlazeSky! Let’s check it out.



Greeting pilot!

Congratulations on your purchase of a ship with a BlazeSky(tm) drive! For the first time, independent pilots can now afford a Faster-Than-Light (FTL) drive and travel the stars!

A few tips:

– Your first missions will likely involve scanning and/or acting as a messenger. Your ship will automatically begin the scanning process when you are close enough. Line up with the blue dots to scan faster.

– Keep moving in combat! Your starter ship is too weak to slug it out directly with other ships. You’ll need to focus on moving in circles, dodging, and using turrets to hit the bad guys.

– If your aim needs work, try flying to asteroid fields and shooting at asteroids. You can make extra credits and also practice shooting.

– You can use those credits to buy missiles. All missiles have auto-tracking, so if you don’t mind spending the credits, you can load up on missiles and just focusing on avoiding getting hit.

– It’s really, really easy to run into enemies early on that you can’t beat. You have to use your judgement, but if you find yourself getting tired or frustrated go do something else and come back later.

– Don’t forget to buy ship upgrades in Sol! If you are really having trouble, find a crystal field and mine it for a lot of credits, and then upgrade your ship in Sol. Weapons, hull, shields are all available for upgrade.

Good luck, pilot!

That’s all we are sharing today in BlazeSky Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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