Blizzard has Revealed the Key Art Blizzcon 2019

Blizzard has Revealed the Key Art Blizzcon 2019

08.09.2019 0 By Butcher79

Blizzcon 2019 will be held from 1 to 2 November. On the eve of the exhibition Blizzard published a key art.

Arte shows the major game companies — Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of WarCraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Swarm, StarCraft.


What do we expect from Blizzcon 2019? First of all, the company must disclose the release date of Diablo Immortal — a mobile game for the famous series, criticized during the announcement. In addition, we are waiting for Diablo 4, an unannounced mobile project, a new addition to World of WarCraft and Overwatch 2.

But what exactly should not wait, so it’s any announcements on StarCraft: according to a recent report, Activision Blizzard lost interest in the series.