Blood of Steel New Player Guide


If you are a new player of Blood of Steel, this guide will explain first steps for new players and how to get benefits from start, let’s check it out.



Hello, I will try to eplain first steps in this game and how to get some quick tips for cool rewards.

After tutorial

When you are done with your first battle tutorial is done, there are some rewards that are worth getting from very start (u have to be level bellow 5) to get this reward, its quite important.

You should go back at beggining screen that looks like this:

At top right corner there is “Event”, go there. At Event1 Page there is few ongoing events, at this stage most important one is “All Men Are Brothers” where u can invite ur friends, where both of u get some decent rewards. My code is [ hcrubp ] so u can use this one if u dont have friend invite.

Second one that is important to get as early as you can is “Invite friends to fight together”, as this event gives some free heroes and hero skins, again, my invite code is [ t7bwph ], there is limited number of slots.

After this u can just keep playing for some time as that is just matter of leveling.

That’s all we are sharing today in Blood of Steel New Player Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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