Complicating Sci-fi Models Procedurally: What is Greeble

To begin with, let me complain that “greeble” is a terrible word that needs to be banished from the dictionary. Well, removing the stone from the soul, let’s go to the explanation. G...


Was The Use of BSP in Doom Really a Stroke of Genius?

The pinnacle of technology at the time. In 1993, id Software released the first-person shooter Doom, which quickly turned into a phenomenon. Today it is considered to be one of the games that had the ...


Polygons Another World

There is an interesting way to study the architecture of computers of the past. Find a program you know and try to figure out how it was ported. A good choice for this would be DOOM. The 1994 megahit ...


Integration Of Your Game in Steam: Working With the Lobby in Steamworks.NET

Few gamers have not heard about Steam. The first appearance of the grounds have as much as 2002, it major publishers can safely distribute your game. A dozen years later, Steam Greenlight appeared, wh...


Games That Will Teach You Programming

Would you like to just play games and learn programming at the same time? I think so. We will show you some games that will teach you programming.  Often games are a waste of time, but still ther...


What Programming Languages Are Needed For What?

  Among the many programming languages, it is very easy to get confused and understand what is needed for what. In this article, we will look at popular programming languages and find out what th...

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