Chongyun Guide – Best Build & Team in Genshin Impact


A deep dive into Chongyun’s kit and how to play him effectively.


Once deemed as a ripoff of Zelda: Breath of Wild, Genshin Impact has managed to put aside all the initial criticism and rise to the top. It’s one of the most if not the most played Gacha styled MMOs right now, and rightfully so. Even as a F2P game, Genshin Impact has stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. Apart from the MMO themed gameplay and storyline, the Gacha element adds another dimension to the game. There are a bunch of characters that players can pull from, and one of them is the Frozen Ardor, Chongyun. The Cryo master is a skilled swordsman that uses Cryo to his advantage. He is a 4-star character that is only available through the Wish system in the game. Here is a brief guide on how to effectively use Chongun on the battlefield.


Chongyun in Genshin Impact

Chongyun is a melee character that wields heavy weapons. He is a great force in close-ranged combat and can dish out decent damage to multiple enemies effectively. His AOE abilities are great for clearing enemy camps quickly or speed running in general. However, his base stats are mid-tier, and is outclassed by Diluc, who is a 5-star DPS character.

Chongyun’s Skills

Chongyun's Layered Frost ability

  • ➤Normal Attack: Chongyun strikes four times in a row. The damage increases with each successful strike.
  • ➤Charged Attack: Chongyun spins continuously, dealing damage to anyone hit by his weapon in the process. Using Charged Attack consumes stamina, and Chogyung finishes it with a single strike when the stamina is at a bare minimum.
  • ➤Elemental Skill: Chongyun slams the ground with his weapon to cause a Cryo explosion on the targeted area. Foes caught in the explosion take damage and are affected by Cryo for a brief period.
  • ➤Elemental Burst: Chongyun summons three giant swords that fall on the targeted area, one by one, creating a Cryo explosion. The explosion deals significant damage and applies Cryo to everyone caught in it.


Chongyun's Constellation in Genshin Impact

Getting multiple copies of the same character will unlock Constellation for that specific character. These are additional traits that buff the characters further and make them even stronger. Chongyun, however, is not heavily reliant on his Constellation and is viable with unlocking it completely. Here is Chongyun’s Constellation.

  • ➤First Dupe-Ice Unleashed: Chongyun’s last attack of his Normal Attack sequence releases three blades that deal 50% of Chongyun’s ATK as Cryo DMG to all enemies struck by it.
  • ➤Second Dupe-Atmospheric Revolution: Chongyun’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst cooldown are reduced by 15% when Chongyun is inside the Cryo field created by his Elemental Skill.
  • ➤Third Dupe-Cloudburst: Increases the level of his Elemental Burst by 3 levels (goes up to level 15).
  • ➤Fourth Dupe-Frozen Skies: Each time Chongyun hits and enemy affected by Cold or Frozen status, he regenerates 1 energy. This can be used every 2 seconds.
  • ➤Fifth Dupe-The True Path: Increases the level of his Elemental Skill by 3 levels (goes up to level 15).
  • ➤Sixth Dupe-Rally of Four Blades: Chongyun deals 15% more damage to enemies with a lower percentage of their Max HP remaining than himself. This also allows him to summon one additional blade.

Best Build For Chongyun

Chongyun's appropriate build

Chongyun is mainly effective as the primary damage dealer of a team. Artifacts and weapons that provide a flat increase in damage are great for Chongyun. He also benefits from gear that increase the effectiveness of Cyro, which further increases his damage even more.

Suggested Weapon – Wolf’s Gravestone

One of the best weapons in terms of damage in the game, Wolf’s Gravestone is a perfect fit for Chongyun. It increases base attack damage by 20%. Whenever the weapon hits a foe with less than 30% health remaining, it further increases the damage of the whole crew by 40% for 12s.

Suggested Artifacts

  • ➤1st slot – Gladiator’s Finale 4 Set: If the artifact user is a sword wielder, Claymore or Polearm increases the Normal Attack damage by 35%.
  • ➤2nd slot – Martial Artist 4 Set: Increases Normal Attack and Charged attack damage by 15%. Using a Normal Attack increases the damage by 25% for 8 seconds.
  • ➤3rd slot – Resolution of Sojourner 4 Set: Increase base attack by 18% and Charged Attack crit-rate by 30%.


Chongyun's Ascension in Genshin Impact

When a character reaches its maximum possible level, it needs to be Ascended in order to level up further. There are 6 Ascension stages for every character in Genshin Impact, and each stage requires different materials. Here are the materials required for each stage of Chongyun’s Ascension.

  • ➤​Ascension Level 1 (max level 20): Shivada Jade Crystal x1 + Cor Lapis x3 + Damaged Mask x3
  • ➤Ascension Level 2 (max level 40): Shivada Jade Crystal x3 + Hoarfrost Core x2 + Cor Lapis x10 + Damaged Mask x15
  • ➤Ascension Level 3 (max level 50): Shivada Jade Crystal x6 + Hoarfrost Core x4 + Cor Lapis x20 + Damaged Mask x12
  • ➤Ascension Level 4 (max level 60): Shivada Jade Chunk x3 + Hoarfrost Core x8 + Cor Lapis x30 + Damaged Mask x18
  • ➤Ascension Level 5 (max level 70): Shivada Jade Chunk x6 + Hoarfrost Core x12 + Cor Lapis x45 + Ominious Mask x16
  • ➤Ascension Level 6 (max level 80): Shivada Jade Gemstone x6 + Hoarfrost Core x20 + Cor Lapis x6 + Ominious Mask x24

Best Team For Chongyun

Chongyun's appropriate team

Team building in Genshin Impact is very subjective, and there is no one defined way of approaching it. However, some characters do, in fact, synergize very well when used in a party. Since Chongyun is generally played as a primary damage dealer, he needs a dedicated healer, and Barbara is a perfect fit for the role. Not only does she provide consistent healing, but she is also a Hydro user, which is great for freezing enemies.

Fischl is another good candidate that can be paired with Chongyun. She is a ranged Electro user, which means she can combine with Chongyun’s Cyro abilities to trigger the semiconductor effect (increases damage).

You can either stack another Cryo user like Kaeya to further increase the damage or go with a traditional tank like Noelle, which will add more balance to the team.

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