Clean all the Stains in Genshin Impact


A guide on how to complete the World Quest Clean up at Dawn in Genshin Impact.


A few quests in Genshin Impact are a bit weird. You’ll eventually find a World Quest at the Dawn Winery, where your mission if you choose to accept it, is cleaning up some stains in a quest called Cleanup at Dawn. It is a tad bit confusing how to accomplish this quest, but we’ve done the hard work, so sit back and follow this guide!

You’ve by now unquestionably sunk your teeth into the world of Genshin Impact, and we do not blame you because it’s has truly taken the world by storm! It offers countless hours of fun by exploring, killing enemies, entertaining Domains, and even killing World Bosses such as Stormterror to earn exciting goodies!

Cleanup At Dawn

The first thing to do is head on over to the Dawn Winery. If you’ve been following the Archon Questline, you’ll know where it’s located. For those who are unsure, it’s to the east of Springvale. Once you get there, enter the winery, and you’ll see a bunch of markings on the floor; on closer inspection, you’ll see these are actually stains. All these stains have to be removed before the quest can be completed. Although it’s not very clear how to do this, we’ve got you covered!

Ensure that you have a Hydro element user in your party, preferably someone who uses a catalyst, than any other type of weapon. As catalyst users, when attacking, normally use their element, no ability has to be used. However, using any other weapon, the element is only used by using their skill, which has a cooldown. It’s generally quicker to use someone like Barbara or Mona if you are lucky enough to get her.

Find one of the stains and attack it to remove it; it’s as simple as that. Repeat the process until all 4 stains around the winery have been cleared up. Make the place spotless!

Once the cleaning has been accomplished, head on over to the Head Housemaid Adelinde, and you’ll have completed the World Quest, Clean up at Dawn!

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