Crusader Kings 2: Complete Console Commands List 2021. How to Use and Open

Crusader Kings 2: Complete Console Commands List 2021. How to Use and Open

26.02.2021 0 By Butcher79

Full list of cheats for Crusader Kings 2 in 2021. If you’re looking for command consoles or cheats, here’s the newest and most comprehensive guide to the various commands and their effects.

Console commands

Console commands are instructions to the game that players can use to cheat, experiment, or work around bugs.

Opening the console

Keep in mind that the console is not accessible in Ironman!

If you don’t use Ironman for your current game, you can open the console by typing any of the following:

  • ` grave accent or backtick
    • On US keyboards, located to the left of 1
    • on Linux/US international layouts , this is Alt Gr + `
  • § section sign
    • On German/Nordic keyboards, this is ⇧Shift + 3 This may also be the combo of left shift and the §| key to the left of the number 1 on the number row.
    • On Spanish and Italian keyboards, this is is Alt + 2 + 1
    • On Portuguese keyboards, this is Alt Gr + 4 or Alt + 0167
    • On French keyboards, this is ⇧Shift + ! and Alt + 2 + 1
    • On Windows, Alt + NumPad 2 + NumPad 1 enters a §.
    • On macOS (US), ⌥Option + 6 enters a §.

List of commands

Below is a list of commands and any parameter they accept (in order, if more than one) with a description of what the command will do.

  • For “Character” scope, if none is given then it will default to the player (some commands excepted, such as age). Most targeted commands accept character ids as the optional 2nd parameter, notable exceptions are religion/culture which if the character id is added it must be the first parameter (“religion orthodox” or “religion 555 orthodox”). If no parameters are listed then assume that it has a single optional character id parameter.
  • For “None” scope there is only one way to use it, for “Global” scope it will toggle things globally, example: marry_anyone allows ALL characters to marry anyone.
  • Character attributes (diplomacy, intrigue, etc.) normally range from 0-20. However, as the attributes are stored in signed bytes, it ranges from -128 to 127. Correspondingly, the maximum base value a character can achieve is 127. Nonetheless, upon loading a savegame, the base value will be reduced to 100 – if it was above this value.
  • <Character ID> can be found by using the Charinfo function and hovering over the person’s name.
  • <Province ID> corresponds to the “ID” number found in the chart of Counties.
  • Replace spaces in parameter names with underscore (_).
Characteradd_artifact <Artifact Name><Character ID> (OPTIONAL)Adds an artifact to the given character
Characterget_all_artifacts <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Give all artifacts to target character, or the player’s character if no target is specified
Characterdestroy_artifact <Artifact Name><Character ID> (OPTIONAL)Removes an artifact from the given character, destroying it
Characteradd_diplomacy <Character ID><Delta>Modifies the base of a character’s diplomacy attribute
Characteradd_intrigue <Character ID><Delta>Modifies the base of a character’s intrigue attribute
Characteradd_learning <Character ID><Delta>Modifies the base of a character’s learning attribute
Characteradd_martial <Character ID><Delta>Modifies the base of a character’s martial attribute
Characteradd_stewardship <Character ID><Delta>Modifies the base of a character’s stewardship attribute
Characteradd_offmap_currency <Offmap Power><Amount>Gives the player currency with the specified offmap power. For example, to add grace with China: add_offmap_currency offmap_china 5000
Characteradd_trait <Trait Name><Character ID>Adds a trait to the character. Opposites traits are checked. Trait names are all lower case. If no character ID is inputted, the trait will be given to the character you are currently playing instead. The same thing also proves true with the remove_trait command.
Characterremove_trait <Trait Name><Character ID>Removes a trait from the character
Characteradd_modifier <Modifier Name><Character ID>, <Days>Adds a modifier to a character
Characterremove_modifier <Modifier Name><Character ID>Removes a modifier from a character
Characterage <Character ID><Delta>Modifies a character’s age
Characterbanish <Character ID> (banished) Banishes a character
Charactercapital <Province ID> Moves player capital to province
Characterclr_moved_capital <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Clears the moved capital-flag of a character.
Charactercashwealth<Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds gold to the player (default 5000). Putting a – before the amount will subtract that amount instead.
Characterclaim <Title Name><Character ID> (OPTIONAL)Gives a claim to yourself or another character
Charactercoalition <Character 01 ID><Character 02 ID><Character 01> starts/joins/leaves a coalition against <Character 02>
Charactercouncil_positions <Character ID or Title Name> Shows the ai scores of each council position
Characterclr_focus   Clears the focus of the player character
Characterculture <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)<Culture>Sets a character’s culture
Characterdecadence <Delta> Modifies the Decadence of the player’s Dynasty relative to unmodified decadence
Characterdecision <Decision ID><Character ID>Executes a decision
Characterdie   Die a natural death
Characterenforce_peace <Amount> Triggers the enforce peace mechanic in the player’s realm. Council must be empowered, other requirements are waived. <Amount> seems to be ignored, confirmation needed.
Characterliege_enforce_peace <Amount> Triggers the enforce peace mechanic in the player’s liege’s realm. Council must be empowered, other requirements are waived. <Amount> seems to be ignored, confirmation needed.
Characterenable_ambition <Character ID> Allows a character to pick a new ambition
Characterevent <Event ID><Character ID> or <Province ID>Executes an event for yourself or for another character or province
Debugtestevent <Event ID><Character ID> or <Province ID>Tests an event without triggering it
Characterfavor_get <Character ID> Get a favor from character
Characterfavor_grant <Character ID> Grant a favor to a character
Charactergfx_culture <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)<Culture>Sets a character’s gfx culture based on default graphical_culture of a culture
Charactergive_birth <Character ID> Forces a pregnant character to instantly give birth
Charactergive_title <Title Name><Character ID>Gives a title to a character
Characterinfamy <Delta> Modifies the player character’s threat
Characterimprison <Character ID>(jailed)<Character ID>(jailor)Imprisons a character by another character
Characterjoin_society <Society Key> Join a society. Valid society names are: monastic_order_benedictine, monastic_order_dominican, monastic_order_orthodox, monastic_order_nestorian, monastic_order_monophysite, monastic_order_hindu, monastic_order_buddhist, monastic_order_jain, hermetics, the_assassins, the_satanists, the_trollcrafters, the_cult_of_kali, the_cold_ones, the_plaguebringers, and secret_religious_society_<religion>
Characterleave_society <Society Key> (OPTIONAL) Leave a society
Characterlog_missing_adjectives   Logs any title that has no adjective loc key defined (E.G., if the title “k_title” is defined, but no loc “k_title_adj” is defined)
Characterkill <Character ID> Kills a character
Characterkill_yourself <Character ID> Kills your character. Does not work (“Not today QA!”). Use die instead.
Charactermove <Character ID>(Mover)<Character ID>(Move To)Moves a character to a character’s court
Characterneg_opinion <Character ID>(Hater)<Character ID>(Hated)Adds a negative opinion between two characters
Characternickname <Nickname><Character ID>Gives a character or the player a nickname
Characterpiety <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds piety to the player (default 5000)
Characterplay <Character ID> Switches to play a character (WARNING: This deletes and resets the chronicle of your current character each time you switch.)
Characterprestige <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds prestige to the player (default 5000)
Characterrun <file name> Executes script commands from a text file. The file must be in the Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings 2/ folder (as appropriate for your OS). Commands will be executed in the scope of the player’s character.
Characterscore <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds score to the player (default 5000)
Charactertechpoints   Adds 1000 technology points of each type to the player
Charactermax_tech <Province ID> (OPTIONAL) Maxes out tech in all provinces, or in specified province
Characterrecalc_succ <Character ID> Recalculate the succession for a character or the player
Characterreligion <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)<Religion>Sets a character’s religion or player if character not supplied
Charactersecret_religion <Character ID> (OPTIONAL)<Religion>Sets a character’s secret religion.
Characterset_government <Government Tag><Character ID> (OPTIONAL)Changes government to specified type (accepted inputs are merchant_republic_government, nomadic_government, feudal_government, theocracy_government, tribal_government, republic_government, muslim_government, theocratic_feudal_government, chinese_imperial_government, confucian_bureaucracy, order_government, roman_imperial_government)
Charactertitleowner <Title Name><Character ID> (OPTIONAL)Reports or sets the holder of a title. Does not include tribal capital holdings.
Charactervalidate_government <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Validates government of a character
Charactervalidate_laws <Character ID> Validates the laws of a characters primary holding
Charactervalidate_lieges <Title Name> Validates the liege of a title
Characterset_char_flag <Flag><Character ID>(OPTIONAL)Sets a flag for a character
Characterclr_char_flag <Flag><Character ID>(OPTIONAL)Clears a flag from a character
Characterset_society_grandmaster <Character ID> (OPTIONAL) Sets the grandmaster of the society you’re in to the given character
Charactershow_all_societies   Shows all societies in list of society view
Charactersociety_rank_up <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Ranks player up in society (default 1)
Charactersociety_rank_down <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Ranks player down in society (default 1)
Charactersociety_currency <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds society currency to the player (default 5000)
Characterquickbuild   Player’s constructions are finished immediately
Characterusurp <Title Name><Character ID>Sets a title to be usurped by a character; if title currently does not exist, creates the title instead.
Globalactivate_artifacts   All artifacts are always active regardless of activation triggers. Disabled as of at least 3.0.0.
Globalallow_laws   Toggles the ability to change laws freely
Globalreal_fathers   Shows the true fathers in the family tree
Globalcharinfodebug_mode<Character ID> 
  • Adds debugging information to character, title and event tooltips
  • Reveals your spouse’s other lovers
Globalde_jure_counties   Shows de jure counties map mode
Globaldiscover_plots   Toggles auto plot discovery
Globalfow <Province ID> (OPTIONAL) Turns off fog of war in a province or in general
Globalgame_speed <Speed> Sets the game speed, from 0 to 4
Globalgame_paused <true/false> (OPTIONAL) Toggles/sets the game paused state, argument must be lowercase
Globalget_offmap_holder <Offmap Power> Displays the name and character id of the current holder of an offmap power
Globalset_offmap_status <Offmap Power><Status>Sets the status of the specified offmap power (e.g. china_stable, china_unrest…)
Globalset_offmap_policy <Offmap Power><Policy>Sets the policy of the specified offmap power (e.g. china_open, china_isolationist, china_expansionist)
Globalkill_offmap_ruler <Offmap Power> Kills the ruler specified offmap power
Globalkill_offmap_dynasty <Offmap Power> Kills the ruler specified offmap power, and generates a new one of a different dynasty
Globalmanpower <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds nomadic manpower to a nomad player character (default 5000)
Globalpopulation <Amount> (OPTIONAL) Adds nomadic population to a nomad player character (default 5000)
Globalmarry_anyone   Toggles the ability to marry anyone
Globalmorehumanshumans<Amount> Adds more humans
Globalneg_diplo   Toggles the ability to send diplomatic messages that will be refused
Globalnextsong   Changes the currently playing soundtrack
Globallistsongs   Shows all available songs
Globaloutbreak <Disease> Starts specified disease outbreak in a random province. Black Death may only start in Kundina and Jiuquan
Globalplots_known   Toggles all plots to always be known
Globalrecalc_council   Will recalc the council positions of each council member
Globalreload_succession_voting   Reloads succession voting patterns
Globalset_flag <Flag> Sets a global flag
Globalclr_flag <Flag> Clears a global flag
Globalset_prov_flag <Flag><Province ID>Sets a flag for a province
Globalclr_prov_flag <Flag><Province ID>Clears a flag from a province
Globalvalidate_cultural_names   Validates cultural title names
Globalspawn_disease <Disease><Province ID>Spawn specified disease in chosen province. Black Death will start in either Kundina or Jiuquan
Nonecharacter_stats   Displays various game statistics, such as number of characters, plots, and fertility.
Nonedynasty_stats   Displays various dynasty statistics, including the number of unique dynasties and how many historical dynasties have died off.
Nonedestroy_settlement <Title Name> Destroys a holding. Takes a barony title (b_<name>) or destroys the capital of a county title (c_<name>)
Nonemurder <Character ID>(Murderer)<Character ID>(Victim)One character attempts to murder another. Takes two more optional arguments: [<Auto success>( 1/0 )] [<Auto discover>( 1/0 )]
Nonepollinate <Character ID>(Mother)<Character ID>(Father)Impregnates a character by another character
Nonecuckoo <Character ID>(Mother)<Character ID>(Father)Impregnates a character by another character, father unknown
Nonerevolt <Province ID> Starts a Revolt in a province
Nonesucc <Succession Type> Changes the succession type (WARNING: Dangerous). Valid values: gavelkind, elective_gavelkind, tanistry, seniority, primogeniture, feudal_elective, ultimogeniture, turkish_succession, papal_succession, appointment, open_elective, catholic_bishopric, patrician_elective, nomad_succession, offmap_succession
Noneadd_lover <Character ID><Character ID>Makes a character the lover of another character
Noneadd_friend <Character 01 ID><Character 02 ID> (OPTIONAL)Makes the character your friend
Noneremove_friend <Character 01 ID><Character 02 ID> (OPTIONAL)Removes the character as your friend
Noneadd_rival <Character 01 ID><Character 02 ID> (OPTIONAL)Makes a character your rival
Noneremove_rival <Character 01 ID><Character 02 ID> (OPTIONAL)Removes the character as your rival
Noneflip_mapmodes   Cycles to the next map mode each day
Noneprovince_religionprov_rel<Province ID><Religion>Sets a province’s religion
Nonerun_commands_from_filercff, runcmdff<File Name> Reads a file where each line is executed as a console command
Debugclear   Clears the console
Debugdebug_ai <Character ID>recalc (OPTIONAL)Displays AI strategy for a character (empty ID to turn off)
Debugdebug_aistrength   Prints some AI Strength data
Debugdebug_assert   Toggles asserts on/off
Debugdebug_bloom   Toggles Bloom on/off
Debugdebug_borders   Toggles Borders on/off
Debugdebug_crash   Force game to crash
Debugdebug_citysprawl   Toggles Citysprawl on/off
Debugdebug_dumpevents   Dump Event data to dump_events.txt
Debugdebug_events   Start Counting events
Debugdebug_hires   Toggles Terrain Hires mode on/off
Debugdebug_info   Toggles Debug info
Debugdebug_lines   Toggles Debuglines
Debugdebug_lockcamera   Toggles Camera locked on/off
Debugdebug_name   Generates names for provinces
Debugdebug_nogui   Toggles GUI on/off
Debugdebug_nomennoman, nomen, nm  Toggles Nomen
Debugdebug_nomouse   Toggles mouse scrollwheel on/off
Debugdebug_postfx   Toggles PostFX on/off
Debugdebug_rivers   Toggles Rivers on/off
Debugdebug_sky   Toggles Sky on/off
Debugdebug_smooth   Toggle framesmoothing
Debugdebug_terrain   Toggles Terrain on/off
Debugdebug_textures   Writes Texture info to application debug log
Debugdebug_ti   Toggles Terra Incognita on/off
Debugdebug_tooltip   Toggles Tooltips on/off
Debugdebug_trees   Toggles Trees on/off
Debugdebug_triggerassert   Force game to throw an assert
Debugdebug_volume <Volume Delta> Modifies music volume
Debugdebug_water   Toggles Water on/off
Debugdebug_wireframe   Toggles forced wireframe on/off
Debugdebug_yesmenyesman, yesmen, ym  Toggles Yesmen; the AI will accept all diplomatic offers from the user. For example, request invasions from the Pope.
Debugdebug_zoom   Zooms in the game
Debugeventinfo   Prints the number of running events (adds debug info to character status info)
Debugguiboundsgui  Toggles GUI bounds debug
Debugfullscreen   Toggles fullscreen
Debughello <Character ID or Title Name> Opens the character screen or title screen
Debughelp <Command Name> (OPTIONAL) Print out all console commands or a specific command description
Debughelplog   Print out all console commands to game.log
Debugnoai   Toggles AI
Debugnumcoas   Prints the number of used coat of arms
Debugobserve   Switches to observer mode, by playing no character at all, and no longer shows messages or pauses the game. Ctrl+clicking a character takes partial control, pausing only on succession and call-to-arms.
Debugprint_player_events   Print all player events to player_events.txt
Debugprint_ai_events   Print all ai events to ai_events.txt
Debugprint_global_flagspgf  Print all global flags
Debugprint_global_variablesprint_global_vars, pgv  Print all global variables
Debugprint_holding_numbers   Prints the number of holdings defined for each non-wasteland county, sorted by # of holdings. Useful if you want to ensure all counties can support up to 7 slots.
Debugprint_randomlog   Dumps content of the randomlog to randomlog.log
Debugrefresh_portraits   Sets all character portraits to be refreshed asap
Debugreload <File Name> Reloads the gui or lua file
Debugreloadevents   Reloads the event database
Debugreloadfx map/mapname/postfx or *.fx filename Reloads the shader
Debugreloadgovernmentflavor   Reloads the government flavor
Debugreloadinterface   Reloads the entire interface
Debugreloadloc   Reloads the localisation
Debugreloadpositions   Reloads the council position database
Debugreloadtexture <Texture File Name> Reloads the specified texture
Debugsave_without_ironman <Save Name> Saves the current game without Ironman
Debugspawnactor <Actorname><Animation> (OPTIONAL)<Title Name> OPTIONAL Spawns an actor with an optional animation and tabard title
Debugtimer   Prints out debug timing info
Debugtimer_start   Starts debug timing
Debugtimer_restart   Restarts (resets and starts) debug timing
Debugtimer_reset   Resets debug timing
Debugtimer_stop   Stops debug timing
Debugtimer_dump   Dumps debug timing info
Debugct   Puts timer info in clipboard
Debugversion   Print out current version of the game
Debugwindowwnd<open/close><window name>Opens or closes the specified window
Debugwipe_achievements   Wipe out all CK2 Steam achievements. WARNING: CANNOT BE UNDONE!


  • Character ID: Found using the ‘charinfo’ command. It is listed on with the usual mouse-over stats.
  • Province ID: See provinces
  • Title Name:
    • Found using the ‘charinfo’ command. Hovering over a title’s shield/coat-of-arms shows you the name of the title as ‘Tag’.
    • Titles follow a convention. It is usually a predictable name with Empires starting with “e_”, Kingdoms with “k_”, Duchies with “d_”, Counties with “c_”, and Settlements (baronies/bishoprics/cities/patrician houses) with “b_”.
      • An example would be e_britannia for “Empire of Britannia”.
      • Some exceptions exist. For example:
        • e_hre for the Holy Roman Empire
        • d_western_isles for the duchy of the isles
        • c_french_leon for the county of Leon in Brittany
        • b_st_davids for the bishopric of Tyddewi in Dyfed
      • Be aware, that other cultures may have different names for the same titles!
      • Refer to common/landed_titles/landed_titles.txt for titles that can neither be found in game, nor guessed.
  • Nickname: See nicknames, format is nick_the_xxx
  • Trait Name: See traits
  • Settlement Name: see Title Name above. Only titles starting with “b_” or “c_” are settlements.
  • Disease Name: One of the epidemic diseases