Dandelion Seeds In Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get


Genshin Impact’s Dandelion seeds are a resource that every player needs. Follow the guide to know where to find & how to harvest Genshin Impact Dandelion seeds.


Genshin Impact is one of the cutting-edge dream open-world RPGs. The game is open to playing on PS4, iOS, Android, and PC. It satisfies the RPG nature of the game. Players need to settle on decisions at each stage, and each decision has an alternate result. The results, however, may not always be ideal. It additionally is a diverse game with varying amount of parcels to investigate and gather. Players have been looking to gather Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact.

How to get Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact?

Dandelion seeds can be used for a variety of recipes, ascensions, and commissions making it an important resource in the game. Dandelions grow freely in Genshin Impact, but there are some places that players can decide to go to if they wish to farm some dandelion seeds for themselves. This isn’t a difficult quest at all, the tricky part is finding and harvesting. The players just need to know where to find these seeds and how to harvest them from the plants. The rest of the task is fairly simple.

  • ➤Dandelions are most openly found in the regions of Mondstadt. Every day a few dandelions spawn on the gates of the city. Dandelions can also be found in a temple nearby Mondstadt. The last and final location for the Dandelion seeds is the area between Dawn Winery and Stone Gate. This patch of land is filled with some dandelions.
  • ➤Upon finding these dandelions, the players still need to get their hands on the seed of dandelions. This can be achieved by performing a wind spell. The players need to hit the dandelions with Anemo magic for it to drop the dandelion seed.

What are the uses of Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact?

Dandelion seeds are very beneficial for players in Genshin Impact. Players can collect the seeds to get their hands on the daily commission. Players can also ascend the character Jean with the help of these seeds. A total of 186 seeds are required to ascend Jean. Dandelion seeds are also used as ingredients in Anemo Magic potions. With the help of the seeds, the players can increase the outgoing Anemo Damage and decrease the incoming Anemo Damage. With the help of the locations guide given above, the players can easily amass a number of dandelion seeds every day.

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