Dark Bestiary Crafting Materials and Their Locations

Dark Bestiary Crafting Materials and Their Locations

30.11.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Dark Bestiary players, if you are looking for the spot to farm the crafting material. Keep in mind certain crafting materials can drop in any zone or from any crafting bag such as magic dust, glowing essence, shadow crystals ect or any other material that you can obtain from dismantling gear.


Patrol zone’s and their crafting material drops

spider silk – cave/mines
dark iron ore – cave/mines
firefly – cave/mines
glowing essence – cave/mines
bat jaw – cave/mines
magic dust – cave/mines
venom gland – cave/mines
fern – cave/mines
shadow crystal – cave/mines
bioluminouscent fungus – cave/mines
fangs – cave/minesraw fel leather – forest
dragonscales – forest
living leaf – forest
spirit wolf pelt – forest
blueberry – forest
raspberry – forest
glowing essence – forest
shadow crystal – forest
lingon berry – forest
mandrake – forest
demonheart – forest
magic dust – forest

razor sharp tooth – darkwood
glowing essence – darkwood
millenial wood – darkwood
man on horseback – darkwood
mandrake – darkwood
raspberry – darkwood
woodblit – darkwood
bilberry – darkwood
trent branch – darkwood
russula – darkwood
blueberry – darkwood
magic dust – darkwood

dead water – swamp
bullywug skin – swamp
shadow crystal – swamp
demon heart – swamp
bilberry – swamp
marsh lilly – swamp
mandrake – swamp
russula – swamp
oyster mushroom – swamp
magic dust – swamp
raspberry – swamp
blue mushroom – swamp
blueberry – swamp
lingonberry – swamp
buletus – swamp
man on horseback – swamp
wood blewit – swamp

ghost cloth – graveyard
small gelatinous cube – graveyard
geranium – graveyard
glowing essenece – graveyard
st. john’s wort – graveyard
poppy – graveyard
chamomile – graveyard
silverweed – graveyard
shadow crystal – graveyard
sphere of transmutation – graveyard
periwinkle – graveyard
magic dust – graveyard

eye of the warden – dungeon
void orb – dungeon
molten core – dungeon
glowing essence – dungeon
molten blood – dungeon
fangs – dungeon

moroxite – raven meadows
dire raven feather – raven meadows
plant blood – raven meadows
periwinkle – raven meadows
silverweed – raven meadows
predatory plant seeds – raven meadows
honey comb – raven meadows
bloody stem – raven meadows
feather – raven meadows
geranium – raven meadows
venom gland – raven meadows
moss – raven meadows
tarragon -raven meadows
poppy – raven meadows
shadow crystal – raven meadows

That’s all we are sharing today in Dark Bestiary Crafting Materials and Their Locations, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.