Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals – Tips for Mortals


This Guide for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals

These are just some things I came up with while playing this game so far.

Useful Tips

General Tips

  • ➤While under speed boost, bananas won’t stun you, so you can just run through them.
  • ➤If you’re being chased by Chef Monkeys/Phantom Malak and you have Primal Fear/Evan’s ultimate ready, you can stun them and let the boss deal with them (you can also stun them on traps).
  • ➤You can run through the player monster, so if a power monster is guarding the portal and they miss their heavy attack, you can run through them to the portal.
  • ➤Listen for the monsters footsteps, as it will give away their location.

Against Power Monsters

  • ➤Power monsters can one shot every mortal except for Vince with a heavy attack, so watch out.
  • ➤There is nothing you can do if they cut you off or ambush you, unless you have stuns prepared.
  • ➤Power monsters are the slowest, so every mortal can outrun them (except for Vince).
  • ➤They can catch up if they have a speed boost.
  • ➤Power monsters in Stranger Sewers are really easy to deal with.

Against Balanced Monsters

  • ➤They can catch up to you given enough time, so watch out.
  • ➤They can still catch up to you if both of you are using speed boosts.

Against Agatha

Speed in general once more speed monsters come out. 

  • ➤You are not outrunning an Agatha.
  • ➤Agatha can still keep up if you are using speed boost.
  • ➤Agatha can outrun you if both of you have speed boost.
  • ➤Agatha deals the lowest damage out of all the monsters, so it is easy to make a break for the portal if she is guarding it.
  • ➤If you are going to die, whittle her health down as she has the lowest hp of all monsters.
  • ➤Vince can easily kill an inexperienced Agatha.


  • ➤You can still get stunned by bananas if you are using your ultimate.
  • ➤You are the fastest mortal, so shard collecting is your thing.
  • ➤Use your ultimate if you are backed in a corner.


  • ➤You are the slowest out of all the mortals, even power monsters can catch up.
  • ➤You have the most health out of all the mortals, enough to survive one heavy attack from a power monster.
  • ➤Ultimate is more of a deterrent rather than an excuse to try to fist fight a monster.
  • ➤You can 1v1 an inexperienced Agatha.
  • ➤You can still die when you have your ultimate up.
  • ➤You can kill a monster if you get lucky enough to get 3 Primal Fears.

Written by DFfan555.

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