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That Death Stranding — the project is very original, and not too easy to understand, the players began with the release of the first release of the trailers.

Indeed, someone else’s soul-darkness, and the soul of the Japanese genius-and does impenetrable darkness. For Hideo Kojima, the notorious game designer and Creator of the series Metal Gear, Death Stranding will be the debut work after leaving Konami. Where it ultimately will bring us freed from creative constraints and inspiration Kojima — find out in November of this year.

Well, while all the gaming community, holding its breath, waiting for the cherished day of release, we decided to refresh the memory and gather together all the pieces of information about the upcoming game.

Perhaps we should start with the name, Death Stranding-the definition of a global event that occurred in the game. This is a reference to the natural phenomenon of the same name, in which whales are literally thrown on the coast.

Scene – post-apocalyptic America

The game takes place in America near future, survived a mystical explosion. The disaster literally erased the line between the worlds, thereby letting into our reality extremely dangerous otherworldly creatures-beached things, and putting all mankind on the brink of extinction. The surviving Americans are scattered, and prefer the idea of restoring statehood to life behind high walls in complete isolation.

Another “swallow of the Apocalypse” was the appearance of a strange phenomenon-the rainfall from another world, which changes the usual course of time and ages all organic life forms.

The game’s protagonist is Sam porter-bridges, a cargo delivery man working for Bridges Corporation, which works closely with the remnants of the government. His appearance gave this character Norman Reedus, an actor known to the General public, thanks to the role of Daryl Dixon from the TV series ” the Walking dead»

The main task of the protagonist-the restoration of ties between people

In the plot, Bridget, the dying President of the “United Cities of America”, to entrust Sam with a truly missionary task — to restore the lost connection between the cities. In each region of the country there are special bunkers that the player has yet to find.

If you synchronize with such a bunker with a special necklace with codes, it will connect to the chiral network (something like the mechanics of points from Assassins Creed), thereby uniting with the rest of the world. In your journey Sam will be literally in the footsteps of the President’s daughter — Amelie, who had already headed West, but was captured by the separatists of the Association “Homo Demens” — a sort of analogue of state mercenaries from MGS.

death stranding-img

Subsequently, the hologram of Amelie will get in touch with the deliverer, saying that she is in the Regional Hub — a city on the Pacific coast, which is controlled by the separatists already familiar to us. That’s where the protagonist of Death Stranding will keep his further path, going to rescue the “Princess” in the best traditions of the Super Mario series.

Why do you need a mysterious baby?

An important role in the story is played by the so— called bridge baby-a premature baby born from a mother who is in a coma. The unfortunate is torn from it and placed in a special flask, simulating the womb. Such a baby rarely lives to a year, however, his superpower to see creatures from a parallel world and show them to others, makes BB a valuable resource. However, one of the characters in the game, Deadman, in his dialogue with Sam made it clear that it is not necessary to get attached to the baby, because BB is nothing more than a tool for connecting the two worlds. However, care bridge baby is not as simple as it may seem: it must, from time to time, synchronize with Necromastery, rock (most likely through the characteristic movements of the joystick) and to monitor the level of anxiety childen.

Stars cast

Appearance Amelie borrowed from the “rejuvenated” copy of 68-year-old Lindsay Wagner( Lindsay Wagner), which became famous for its role in the popular series of the seventies — “Bionic woman”. Wagner’s acting talent impressed kojima at a young age. Then, the future igrodel literally fell in love with the actress, looking forward to each new episode of the series.

“If after that she refused me, I would probably die»

Before a real meeting with the “Muse”, Hideo was very nervous, realizing that far from the world of games actress can simply not agree to such cooperation. In part, his fears were justified: Lindsay does not really recognize most modern games in which”some people kill others.” However, during a personal conversation, which lasted 3.5 hours, Kojima managed to interest a lady. Japanese actress explained the basic concept of Stranding and Death, proved that his game carries a much more serious meaning than the infamous “violence for violence”. After that, the actress was delighted, and gave her consent.

Another very curious character — Hartman. This person literally lives in cycles of 21 minutes, after which, for a short time dies, and goes to the afterlife, hoping to find his family. At the end of this time, Hartman is revived by a bizarre apparatus tied to his chest. As in the case of other characters Death Stranding, this character has a very real and stellar prototype. His appearance Hartman gave the Danish Director Nicholas Winding refn (Nicolas Winding Refn), however, the voice acting character will be another actor.

What about villains?

In the role of the alleged antagonists of the game are two extremely bright and interesting character. The first — cliff, charming and mysterious character, appearing before us in the form of actor Mads Mikkelsen (Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen), known for the role of maniac Hannibal Lecter from the series of the same name. As we could see from the trailer, cliff had something to do with the baby. The character spoke to the infant, promising the latter that he would be able to “one day explore the world, travel wherever he wished and even get to the moon.” Some players saw Kojima’s own words addressed to us in this phrase. Alas, except that of monologue, and the ability to raise from the graves of soldiers of wars fought long ago, about the cliff no word yet.

The second antagonist is called Higgs, who is also known as” the man in the Golden mask”, he is the leader of the separatist group” Homo Demens”, and will bring the player a lot of trouble. By the way, the kidnapping of Amelie – his handiwork. Higgs got his face from Troy Baker, an American voice actor and musician. Troy is known for voice acting characters such as Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite and Joel from Last of Us

In the star of the game included: French actress Lea seydoux (Léa Seydoux), starring in such films as “Hotel “Grand Budapest” and “007:SPECTRUM”, she will play Fragi. The character “Mother” will give his appearance Quelli Margaret (Margaret Qualley), known from the movie “Goodfellas”, and the famous Director Guillermo Del Toro (Guillermo del Toro) gave its exterior character Deadman, but, as in the case of Hartmann, the voice of the hero will be engaged in professional actor.


Death Stranding-action game, which takes place in the open world of post-apocalyptic America. Judging by what we have seen to date, a significant emphasis in the game is on stealth passing.

However, kojima himself argues that this aspect is not a “cornerstone”, and it is not necessary to use it. Sam’s main goal is to deliver cargo and connect disparate settlements by synchronizing in bunkers. Some players, anticipating this gameplay has already been nicknamed Death Stranding “simulation of walking.”

However, hardly all so is simple: deliver considerably complicate the motley opponents, natural anomalies and obstacles. By the way, to overcome the latter, Sam has a stone staircase, which, unfolded, can reach a truly Titanic size. According to one theory, this was made possible by the development of the Corporation Bridges, which allows you to teleport items directly from their base.

In the role of opponents Sam will meet in the open world for sure are the separatists of the “Homo Demens” invisible paranormal creatures, responsive to the breath — B. T. in addition, as can be understood from the trailer, in the vast post-apocalyptic USA we will meet with “serious” bosses in the best traditions of MGS

The combat system in the game promises to be quite diverse, and will include both melee and gunfire.Both paths of “deadly toys”, apparently, it will be possible to upgrade

In the game, of course, there will be a system of shelters, however, so far nothing innovative-the usual gatherings in the grass as in Days Gone


The concept of death in Death Stranding is very relative

After the death of the player goes to purgatory-inverted world immersed in water. In order to get out of this grotesque hell, the player will interact with objects and actively seek a way out. However, the prospect of such “immortality” is not as cloudless as it seems — in the real world, on the site of the very point where Sam accepted death, a crater is formed from which new BT can penetrate into our reality. By the way, the death of an NPC will cause a similar effect.

From the size of the locations in Death Stranding is really breathtaking: the whole background, whether dense forests or distant mountains-not just a lifeless background, but quite an interactive object that you can “touch” and explore. And in order for the player to be more comfortable to travel through such an impressive area, good kojima offers us to use a folding motorcycle.


Asynchronous multiplayer is, who would have thought-mass urination in one point location. During this simple action, it will form a giant mushroom, with not yet clear, but definitely useful properties. Also, most likely, multiplayer elements will be implemented through the bunkers: players will be able to transfer resources to each other and exchange orders for delivery. By the way, for the successful implementation of the latter, you can get a rating, expressed in the so-called “likes”.

By the way, the role of bunkers in the gameplay of Death Stranding is difficult to overestimate. After all, they hide the so — called” survivalists ” -the likely suppliers of side-quests. In addition, each new settlement connected to the chiral network will give Sam weapons or other useful items.


Information on the upcoming release is really a lot, even too much. However, in the best tradition of Kojima after each new response are two questions.

Will the game, meeting the clearly inflated expectations of fans, show a really high level and justify its claim to genius, or will the players only cause mass disappointment and a desire to return the money? Soon we will know, because the final of this story is not far off.

Will the Death Stranding unambiguous villains?

  • Of course, there they are in the trailers angry!
  • Will, but clearly with taste “wounded hearts” or heavy past
  • Where is the word “kojima– – do not expect anything straightforward

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