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Recently, developers from Bungie literally stunned fans of the series plans for the future of Destiny 2 and moving to steam, which will happen in September, but the current Opulence season has just begun and it has something to explore.
In this article, I will advise how and in what ways it is worth developing the Chalice of Opulence (the main mechanics of the season) and what features of the future Destiny 2 we could initially miss.

And we start, perhaps, with an important point that many missed when Bungie talked about plans for the future, among all the changes we are most certainly interested in RPG-element.
This aspect has undergone significant changes, if we compare the first and second part, of course, I’m talking about things like the main characteristics of the character of the first part and unlock perks weapons armor.

If the second is not yet clear, in the video at the moment where the developers say about the ability to transfer modifications, we show the Titan helmet, then you should pay attention to two things.
First, in the lower right corner you can see that the return characteristics such as Discipline, Intellect, Strength, which influenced the recharge time of the three main abilities of the class. Personally, I wonder how it will work, because each class is now four abilities.

Secondly, if we look at the segment “8 energy”, denoting the element, under it is likely to be an indicator of improvement to the masterwork, but attracts more arrow, which may allow the user to change the element of each individual part of the armor.
Lubo is just a special tool for developers, but if it turns out that in General, this change will allow players to walk in the armor that they like, and farm the rest just for the sake of new mods.

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Chalice of Opulence improvement

The main mechanics of the new season is tied to the subject called Chalice of Opulence, more precisely with the help of this bowl you can get an unusual weapon of the current season with perks that you need.
How does this mechanics is a different story, in this article we will analyze a slightly different aspect of it.

The bowl itself is an item that you get directly to your account after the first passage of the quest chain, further improving its user gets more opportunities for the development of its main and secondary characters, as it provides good bonuses.

So, how to pump it and what is best to initially take I will try to tell you in this small paragraph.

If you open the interface directly bowl, at the bottom you will see a total of nine improvements, divided into three categories, initially each player will need to unlock at least five improvements in the order he liked. The list below is based on how I have opened them since the start of the new season.

  • Power and Efficiency 1 (right category) is the very first improvement that unlocks for you a weekly powerful reward in activity for six people and chests for a glimmer on a barge.
  • Power and Efficiency 2 (right category) – the next improvement that allows you to buy a special item from Benedict, we’ll talk about them below, as well as the passage of activity in the playlist you can randomly give Imperials.
  • The second (left) slot of the Cup to create combinations of runes.
  • Rune Compatibility 1 – unlocks red runes that you can combine with the rest.
  • Rune Compatibility 2 – unlocks green runes that you can combine with the rest, it becomes possible to get a gun this season with a combination of green + red.
  • Rune Compatibility 3 – unlocks the final blue runes, which you can combine with the rest, you can now create a combination of runes for the seasonal machine gun.
  • The third (right-most) slots to receive masterwork equipment by combining.

Thus, you will open the basic functionality of the bowl, which will allow you to create a variety of useful equipment, by the way, unlock all possible runes will allow you to farm them and then turn into, say, a powerful helmet, if only it spoils the average level of light. For example, yesterday I helped to bring the Titan to 740 by getting a helmet for the green rune.

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Farm of Imperials

For all these improvements, users will need a lot of Imperials (new currency), but it is a little difficult to farm it outside the main limit.
Although we can say that it all depends on the team with which you will pass certain activities, and luck when using special items, then I’ll just leave a list of where you can get this currency.

  • The easiest method is to perform weekly tasks at Benedict, as they give a decent amount of Imperials.
  • After the purchase of the first improvements in the right-hand branch on the barge become available chests to open them you need a couple of thousand Gomera and you will get 150 notes each + runes. For some strange reason, all of them were updated yesterday.
  • After the purchase of a second improvement in the right branch of the Benedict will have an opportunity to buy three special subject in a week. After use, the character will act in the buff (4 hours), with a small chance can give 500 Imperials at the completion of the raids, PvP matches, Gambit, and high when they complete an activity for 6 people. You just need to play X times in these activities, in the past week the best choice is, of course, chaos.
  • As I wrote above, the second improvement on the right can also accidentally give you an award in the form of Imperials.
  • Complete the various triumphs in the new activity for six players, this is where you need a well-coordinated team of players in the voice. At this point, you won’t be able to accomplish everything, as most of them require certain Benedict contracts and final bosses.

In fact, now almost all available triumphs require you to go through the stages before the allotted time is over, but again it is quite simple to do it, if you know how it works at all.
For some stages, there are special conditions, such as, for example, in a tournament where you all need to run the obstacle course perfectly without dying three times.

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