Difficulty Levels in Phasmophobia – Differences in Difficulties!


A guide explaining the three difficulties in Phasmophobia.


Are you prepared to become a paranormal investigator and risk your life contacting the dead, utilizing an array of equipment to stop the haunting? Oh, you don’t have to do it alone, as you can have up to 4 other investigators with you to solve the case. Phasmophobia is all about ghosts, trying to find out what ghost type it is, so you know the most dependable way to manage it. As fighting with the unknown without luck is impossible, and firing shots in the dark against a ghost isn’t the most reliable method of dealing with them.

Luckily, Phasmophobia has various difficulty levels, which means excellent replay value, as upping the difficulty can really leave you breathless, as you’ll be screaming a lot more than usual. So, let’s take a look at what difficulty levels does Phasmophobia have, and what are their differences?

Difficulty Levels

There are 3 difficulty levels in Phasmophobia, Amateur, Intermediate, and Professional. Though you cannot play straight on the highest difficulty as they Intermediate and Professional both have to be unlocked first. The first is at Level 5 and the second at Level 15. You acquire levels up by accomplishing tasks within the house, and a massive amount of XP for surviving the haunting.


All players have a start-up phase on this difficulty, so for the first 5 minutes of the haunt, the ghost leaves you alone to your own devices. This means that you can set up all equipment needed in complete peace. You’ll have no doubt already collected all of the evidence before the ghosts hunting phase takes place.


On intermediate, the start-up time is still there; however, it’s been shortened by 3 minutes, so players only have 2 minutes to set up all equipment before the hunting phase beings. As a bonus for upping the difficulty, the ghost hunts you down more fiercely, so panic will happen before you’ve gathered all of the evidence to know what you’re dealing with. Did I say bonus?


No doubt, you’ve guessed what this difficulty will entail. There is no start-up time at all, so you have to step up the equipment and gather evidence, but the ghost is 110% fully active and already hunting you. Due to the ghost being engaged quicker, your player’s sanity levels will drastically drop, and when they reach 0, you are a ghost sandwich. Furthermore, if you all fail a haunting, the money you receive is exceedingly lower than normal, you are classed as a Professional, so it makes sense!

No matter what difficulty you play, you’ll receive the full horror experience that Phasmophobia has to offer, the game makes you play on the lower difficulty because there is a lot to take in, first-timers will already be scared witless, let alone having a ghost immediately starting to haunt them. Play on amateur until you’re comfortable with what you’re hunting, as knowing that is already half the battle.

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