Dota 2 has Expired Battle Pass


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Dota 2 has Expired Battle Pass


Dota 2 players can no longer level up and earn rewards from the Battle Pass for The International 2019. The only content from the Skip that is still available are commenters ‘ phrases for the chat wheel. When the developers will remove them, it is unknown.

The Battle Pass appeared in the game on may 8, 2019. During the first hour of sales, users spent more than a million dollars on it. 25% of all purchases associated with Battle Pass, Valve has over the prize money of TI9: the finale it exceeded $34 million This means that all the fans have spent on the Pass more than $120 million.

Battle Pass is added to the game every year a few months before the start of the next tournament in the series The International. Its owners get access to various thematic content: custom events, treasures and tasks. Holders of the thousandth level Pass will receive a copy of Aegis, which was the main prize TI9.

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