Dracula A Love Story – Season 1 EP 11 Liberation Walkthrough

Dracula A Love Story – Season 1 EP 11 Liberation Walkthrough

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Welcome to Chapter 11 of Season 1 of Liberation, the interactive book Dracula: A Love Story. This page contains a description of the plot of the Romance Club, a popular novel for Android and IOS.


Welcome to the Dracula: A Love Story walkthrough.

This page is the walkthrough for Season 1. As this is an ongoing series, this page is a work in progress.

What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is a chapter-by-chapter guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the story. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each story.

⚠️SPOILER ALERT: walkthroughs are very likely to reveal significant plot points and future story developments, so read at your own risk!

The choices you make in this story affect one of three variables: 🗡️ Bravery, 🍀 Luck and 💓 Soul Light.

PLEASE NOTE: choices that have no significant effect on the plot (as in, no effect on game points and statistics) or that do not give interesting information on characters or backstories might have not been included in the walkthrough.

Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol.

DISCLAIMER: due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations.

As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our site.

Season 1, Ep 11: Liberation

The criminal is revealed, and paths cross in 1448.

⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: This episode features a brief scene containing mention and signs of domestic violence (in 1448).

Present day, Romania

Choice: MC sees Gradish’ body lying motionless near Vlad.

  • ➤ Demand that Vlad explain everything!
  • ➤ Ask Vlad cautiously. [+1 🍀 Luck]
  • ➤ Check on Gradish. [+1 🗡️ Bravery]

Choice: The policeman asks what’s happened.

  • ➤ Talk first. [+1 🗡️ Bravery]
  • ➤ Let Leo tell the story. [+1 🍀 Luck]
  • ➤ Ask Vlad to tell the story.

💎Choice: MC chooses a new outfit. 

  • ➤ Feisty black (33💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Lacy black (20💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Little black (12💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Midi black (Free) [No effect on stats.]

💎Choice: MC chooses a new hairstyle.

  • ➤ Sleek locks (20💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Sleek straight (12💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Sleek low bun (Free) [No effect on stats.]

Choice: MC is talking to Millie about Gardenia the cat.

  • ➤ Good on you for taking care of her. [✅Your sister really appreciates your words!]
  • ➤ It’s surprising how calm you’re reacting. [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ You shouldn’t have gone outside.

❤️Note: If your relationship with Vlad is good enough, when Vlad and MC walk back towards her bedroom after talking in the clock room, he asks her about the book she picked in the library and offers her to read her more stories in his room.

Choice: Vlad asks MC to go to his room.

  • ➤ Alright, let’s go. [❤️Your relationship with Vlad has improved!] [💎Premium scene unlocked – See below]
  • ➤ We could talk more maybe some other time. [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ No, we shouldn’t talk about this anymore…

💎Choice: Vlad and MC are talking in his bedroom.

  • ➤ I’m not leaving (33💎) [❤️Your became even closer to Vlad!] [Vlad and MC have an intense, romantic conversation and their attraction to each other is palpable, but they still do not touch.] [Two CG images are unlocked.]
  • ➤ I think I should go (Free)

Choice: MC and Sandra are talking in front of the windmill.

  • ➤ You’re right, we need to act. [+1 🗡️ Bravery]
  • ➤ Why don’t we leave it to the police?
  • ➤ Is this even legal? [+1 🍀 Luck]

💎Choice: Ilinca asks MC if she wants to be present while she summons the spirits.

  • ➤ I’m in (20💎) [Ilinca uses a bowl of water and a needle to summon her grandmother’s spirit. The spirit tells Ilinca she is happy she got her gift, since her own son Mihai did not have any powers. They had an ancestor called Simion who was nearly burned because of his gift. But the Master saved him by dragging him out of the flames. Simion became his servant. When the Master passed, Simion swore he would keep guard to his tomb and ordered his descendants to do the same. Their family’s duty is to hide this tomb in the forest making it invisible to people and when the Master will rise again, they need to serve him as Simion did. The grandmother’s spirit says that she has no answers for Ilinca about what happened to her father: she only sees that he wanted the power and struck a deal with someone who promised it to him, but the spirit can’t see who this person is because their power is too strong and too dark, and more powerful of any power they ever had in their family. She also tells Ilinca that she already knows the Master because she has seen him in her dreams so when she will see him in reality she will know that the time is now. ] [❗You learned important information!]
  • ➤ I’m not ready (Free) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ It’s insanity (Free)

Osmanian Court, 1448

💎Choice: MC chooses a new outfit. 

  • ➤ Bejeweled dress (20💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Airy dress (12💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Modest dress (Free) [No effect on stats.]

💎Choice: MC chooses a new hairstyle.

  • ➤ Luxuriant locks (20💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Dark braids (12💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Fair braid (12💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Loose hair (Free) [No effect on stats.]

Choice: MC sees that Nuray has a bruise on her face, so she…

  • ➤ Grabbed her hand. [+1 🗡️ Bravery]
  • ➤ Called out to her. [+1 🍀 Luck]

💎Choice: MC chooses a henna tattoo. 

  • ➤ Delicate (12💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Dainty (20💎) [No effect on stats.]
  • ➤ Small (Free) [No effect on stats.]