Twitch banned the man’s account, and in social networks he was accused of “anti-Americanism»

Popular Turkish streamer and host of the Young Turks show Hassan Biker said on one of his broadcasts that the United States deserved the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 at the world trade center. Left-leaning Piper criticized Republican Congressman and former Navy seal Dan Crenshaw.

“Damn it, we brought this on ourselves. Look how this dog justifies the genocide that is happening in the middle East. Looks like he literally lost his eyesight after the Mujahideen punched a hole in his eye. […] If you served, and then came into politics and continue to send to the death of young men and women for the sake of increasing the defense budget, then you do not deserve respect,” said a native of Istanbul, and now an American citizen Pyker.

Crenshaw told Joe Rogan’s podcast that until September 11, the founder of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, had no reason to hate America, apart from its ideology. The politician opposed statements that it was the United States that sowed the seeds of terrorist attacks. It is noteworthy that in the service in Afghanistan Crenshaw lost an eye.


“Millions of people in countries like Yemen and Iraq are pleading with the US to increase our military presence and restore order. […] If the us army leaves dozens of disadvantaged countries, the worst politicians will seize power in them,” the Congressman said.

After the sharp statements, chat Piker condemned him. In response to criticism, the streamer said that the US finances those people who staged the 9/11 attack. As a result, the administration of the streaming platform blocked his channel for 7 days, and in social networks the man was accused of “anti-Americanism”.

The episode from the broadcast Piper showed Fox News, the young man was called “vile creature”. Hassan himself said that he was mistaken for a provocateur, although he tried to convey his position to the people.

“Obviously, September 11 was a terrible tragedy, 3,000 Americans died, and then 7,000 soldiers died in endless wars. If you spend all your energy being angry because I think it’s terrible, you should spend it on other things and realize that those who justify endless bloodshed are not really in your best interest.”

According TwitchMetrics, streamer ranks sixth among the most popular English-language channels in the section “Communication”.

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