Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE

20.10.2020 0 By Butcher79

For Eternal Return: Black Survival players, this is a quickstart guide for playing HYUNWOO the CHAD way so you can easily learn how to beat up the other virgin characters without any previous experience.



This guide will show you how to gear up super fast while getting strong in order to beat others up before they’re even near your level.
Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDEThis is the information given to you in game, not that it matters.
Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE


Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDEPASSIVE: Starts with level 1, gets some HP after reaching 70 stacks by attacking (4 stacks) or receiving damage (1 stack). Not really important, just good to have later on.

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDEQ ability: Damages enemies in a cone in front of you and slows them for 2 seconds so they can’t run while you beat them up.


Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDEW ability: This is called bluff for some reason, who cares why but when you activate it, it will make you immune to CC (stun, slows,knockback etc) for 3 seconds. If you are already slowed when you use this, it removes the slow, but not stuns.

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDEE ability: Charges on the enemy knocking them back and dealing damage. If you smash them into a wall with this, it stuns them, which is a totally chad thing to do. It also reduces their defense so you will want to use your cone or ultimate ability after smashing them into a wall for maximum damage.

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDER ability: GIGA CHAD FIST MOVE, press it once to channel it in a straight line infront of you which charges and deals damage the longer it channels. Press the button again to release the chad fist upon your enemy. This is generally great to use when they are disabled and you have time to charge or if they are running away with like 5% health, activate it and press it again super fast for instant damage to take them down. Bonus damage if you smash them into a wall and reduce their defense before you use the giga chad fist.

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDED ability: TONFAS ACTIVE ABILITY. Split second counter attack, starts at 0.5 sec for level 1 and 0.7 sec for level 2. FULLY BLOCKS and will REFLECT 50% of the damage taken level 1 and 70% at level 2. You have to time this perfectly with their strong attacks as it’s super long cooldown and totally needs a buff of like 0.2 sec, even though it’s still amazing if used correctly.


  • ➤First level E (Charge) for escapes/getting places to loot faster and stunning people randomly at the start simply to assert dominance.
  • ➤Second priority goes on Q (kick slow), so you can smash NPC on wall and nuke them out while their armor is reduced early on.
  • ➤Third skill is W (Bluff) just so you can run away when someone is trying to CC you at the start.

Before following the MAX order, you level E>Q>W for levels 1-3.

Simple Path Max order> R Ultimate> EQ>PASSIVE>W

Obviously level Tonfa ability when you can, correlated to weapon mastery 7/14 and not player level.



Now for the real chad ♥♥♥♥ when the game starts.
First of all, you have to import the “Hidan Tonfa Rush” plan, because the rest is just trash for bots.
The stats really don’t matter at all, you just want to get items before anyone else and then you can kill them and fix your gear up.
After you finish gathering everything you farm levels and just kill the losers who actually spent time trying to get difficult items.

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE
  • ➤-You’ll begin by spawning somewhere in school and follow the red arrow path until you get all the items you need depending on the direction you start. The first animal camp has a bunch of chickens you can kill to get materials and meat that should be cooked with the bread. Near the chickens is the optional car in the other area marked with green where there is a chance of finding important craft parts such as oil.
  • ➤-Pick up sticks and stones as soon as you see them and finish up your weapon, the max level tonfas should be done within 30 seconds of starting easily.
  • ➤-Light up some water bottles with the lighters that you can use in archery to make CHOCOLATE MILK.
  • ➤-Save the rest of your lighters to make cooking oil with excess oil.
  • ➤-Loot everything you need in archery and kill the wolf camps. The best way to do this is to start with the wolf closest to the wall causing it to call its ally close. When they are both stacked, you SMASH THOSE BI$#%ES into the wall with E and then Q to execute them hard and make them wish they weren’t in your loot path. This image shows an example of where you can double smash the wolves
  • Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE
  • ➤-Get the wolf meat and make it into Fried CHICKEN or Steak depending on what you used your extra lighters on. If the wolves drop any green items you can combine to make purples, even if they are not on the plan, make them. You want to be done as soon as possible and level up to kill others.
  • ➤-Now you have a bunch of cooked food and chocolate milk to last you for a while.
  • ➤-Next up, go towards the big tree in Hotel, killing the wolves along the way like the previous ones for loot and exp
  • ➤-VERY IMPORTANT > IF YOU SEE ANOTHER HYUN, MAKE SURE TO BEAT HIM UP ABIT TO ASSERT DOMINANCE. Unless they’re also using this guide, you should be able to take them on without any problems. If you’re both following the guide, you’ll probably end up doing thumbs up emoji and walking off. If you died, it means you didn’t read the guide well enough.
  • ➤-Finish gathering the materials in hotel and making all items you can while moving TOWARDS the teleport phone. If you don’t have the items yet, look harder.
  • ➤-Teleport to CHAPEL and finish off the purple chest piece.
  • ➤-Finally, teleport to pond and finish your last item while committing genocide on animals, with priority on the double bear spawn found on the hilltop.
  • ➤-While your allies are noobs for not playing Hyun with this guide, they’re probably still weak and gathering items therefore you want to hunt animals and level up or hunt players. Don’t engage 3 players unless you’re certain you can take them on.




Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE
Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE


Good job you reached the end of the guide. If you followed everything correctly you are now a full blown CHAD HYUNWOO. Keep improving your timing and pickup better items while you kill others, depending on what you’re up against. Don’t forget to always keep your food and water stacked well.

Also press UPVOTE and FAVOURITE in order to make sure the CHAD HYUNWOO dominates above all virgin glovewoos. Unless you want to keep this a secret and not make it hard on yourself with more chadwoos appearing in your match.

Eternal Return: Black Survival CHAD HYUNWOO TONFA GUIDE



That’s all we are sharing today in 9th Dawn III Quick Tips for Beginners, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to Be Blue ! 👌