Eternal Return: Black Survival Guide To Traps and Cameras


In Eternal Return: Black Survival , traps were one of most underrated items back in Black Survival and most of beginners not utilizing them nearly enough still stands true for Eternal Return. I am Katana Zero and i will be teaching you how to be an ultimate trapstermind.



Long story short, even if trap damages 1 bar of enemy HP it’s 1 bar that needs to be healed one way or another, being it trough frustrating regen over time, use of hp item or rest – which is time that they are loosing.  


STEP 1: Most players i’ve seen rarely use phone booths, they’re too focused on building their items and because of this you rarely see one player teleporting all around the map – be that rare sight! in worst case scenario you must have traps at every entrance, exit and phone booth at 10 minute mark with somewhat passable item build and good food items.

STEP 2: Most players need that 1 inventory space for food or material for their weapon or armor upgade and they won’t even bother to take out traps and cameras off the containers and place them literally 1 feet away – don’t be those players! Always (and i mean always no matter what) have 1 empty space in your inventory and if you’re in a rush, just take out traps and cameras from containers and place them right away. however if you’re somewhat close to strategic locations (Phone booths, Scanners, Animal packs which you’re not going to hunt, Narrow exits/entrances to the zones/places) just walk that few steps and place traps/cameras there, trust me it adds up and it’s very important.

STEP 3: Only engage in fights you know you can win – see that 2 bar HP Hyonwoo?! – don’t follow him, mofo can regen and heal himself like crazy. Aya and Zahir?! – they’ll just poke you to death! – but you see Jackie chasing down some poor sod?! – KILL STEAL right after she uses her chase down skills and runaway before she realizes what happened. you’re playing this as honorless, rat assassin – don’t be a dead hero, be shameless survivor who is victorious.


whilst any character could be played as trapstermind, if you truly, truly want to minmax your trap game, that would be isol (same as black survival). his MOK mines give you additional edge and his Guerilla Edge shaves down that extra milliseconds whilst arming traps and with his camouflage you can literally become deadly trap yourself and rain down wrath of the trapstermind on poor bastards.That’s all we are sharing today in Eternal Return: Black Survival Guide To Traps and Cameras, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon. Credit to KatanaZero

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