Fortnite: Dance in Front of a Bat Statue, in a way above-Ground Pool, and on a Seat for Giants


Our guide shows the exact position of the three places you need to visit to complete the dance before the statue of the bat, in the method of above-ground pool and the seat for rage challenge season 10/the X’s Boogie Down Mission.

Bat Statue

We have two bat statues on the map!

Location: Haunted Hills

The first statue is located among the graves in the cemetery and the second higher on the hill in ruins. Suitable any that you like more.

statue of a bat on a hill in ruins
Haunted Hills

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The problem requires us to dance in front of the statue, so feel free to come closer. Dance emotion is called by default key ” B”

Way above-ground pool

As you may have guessed, the place is on a newly formed floating island, and this island does not stand still. That is why it got its name. Just check the map before jumping off the bus! Be careful, today there are many enemies!

Seat for giants 

The giant seat can be found south of Shifty Shafts in an unnamed location that usually has some sort of oversized thing built in its place. It has been a chair, spaceship, and a sled!


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