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The most the main difference Fortnite and the biggest advantage (strictly-my personal opinion!) before other games of the genre Battle Royale – it is an opportunity to build defenses of the resources available on the map. Agree, you can just shoot a lot where, and frankly in the same Royal battle Battlefield Firestorm drawing graphics component is much more advanced and realistic.

Fortnite popularity is now at its peak and the game attracts more and more players. If you experienced veteran, then and I don’t expect you can surprise anyone this post. It is more focused on people who have not yet had time to understand all the intricacies of survival on Fortnite island.

Let’s start in order:


We have three resource options in the game. It is wood, stone and metal. They all differ in strength and speed production, respectively wood is going faster but has a small margin, and the metal to get harder (slower), but is the most durable of the above Trinity. The availability of these resources in our inventory gives us the ability to build defensiveattacking structures (buildings).

The best way to get wood is to cut down thick and tall trees.

Stone is good at building fortifications, but not as good at protecting against explosions as metal, so should be your fallback. Buildings built of brick can not withstand a single shot from a rocket launcher, which will cause some problems in the later stages of the game. You will get this material by destroying brick walls, chimneys and just ordinary boulders lying in the open.

Buildings made of metal can withstand a single shot from a rocket launcher, making it the best building material in the game to build fortifications. Metal can be extracted from vehicles (trucks and trailers provide a large amount of metal), which you will find in cities and villages.

Elements of the construction of the Fortnite

The developers have provided us with the most necessary elements for the construction. This roof, wall, floor and stairs.

Competently using these elements, you can quickly get to places that are not available in any other way.

You can build a ladder to get to the top of the hill, which can not be reached in other ways. Attacking the enemy from above, you get a significant advantage.

Edit the elements of construction

This is what I prepared you for in the first part of the manual. Let’s consider in detail how to edit and what element can be obtained in a certain way by changing the source.

The walls and ramps are made up of 6 squares (3×3 grid) and the floors and roof / pyramids are made up of 4 squares (2×2 grid) which can be edited with the assigned edit key (check bindings, G is the default on PC). Once you click on some of these squares in edit mode and confirm the action, you can form a window in the wall, a door, or cut a ramp, etc., based on what you’ve removed. This becomes very useful when you find yourself trapped out of your own walls and you urgently need to get out, or you need to get out from under a ramp that you may have accidentally built over yourself.

The most basic and key changes you need are how to make a door in the wall, 1/3 wall and half ramp. A door is a quick way to simply walk through a wall. 1/3 of the wall can help when making a door is not possible because the bottom squares are underground or not accessible. A half ramp is usually needed to get additional protection.

Check out this great reference guide below, which clearly demonstrates all the possible options for changing structures.


As you can see, there are a lot of them, but not all of them are necessary and useful, Choose the necessary editing options and try on special training grounds

It is also important to properly configure the keyboard control or your joystick.

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