Fortnite Season 4 Hype Cup: Format, Date, Rewards & More


It’s Trios time! The first competitive event of Fortnite Season 4 is coming very soon.


Epic Games has released details of a Trios Hype Cup taking place later in the week. This will be players’ first chance to test themselves in the Season 4 meta and earn some bonus Hype to help with the grind to champs.

For all regions except Middle East, the tournament is scheduled for September 6. The Middle East event will instead be held on September 5.

actually so excited for trio fncs, this game mode is legit perfect

— Liquid Stretch (@Stretched) September 3, 2020

As usual, teams will play a maximum of 10 matches over a 3 hour period, with points being awarded for both placement and kills.

Scoring System

Victory Royale: 35 Points
2nd: 29 Points
3rd: 26 Points
4th: 23 Points
5th: 20 Points
6th – 8th: 17 Points
9th – 11th: 14 Points
12th – 14th: 11 Points
15th – 17th: 9 Points
18th – 20th: 7 Points
21st – 23rd: 5 Points
24th – 26th: 3 Points
27th – 29th: 2 Points
30th: 1 Point

Each Elimination: 1 point

Whilst there’s no money on the line just yet, the Hype you win could help you to qualify for Cash Cups and FNCS in the future. Rewards are as follows:


Top 1% – 500 Hype (1,500 per Team)
Top 5% – 375 Hype (1,125 per Team
Top 10% – 250 Hype (750 per Team)
Top 20% – 190 Hype (570 per Team)
Top 50% – 125 Hype (375 per Team)

The Season 4 Hype Cup is open to anyone aged 13 or above and there is no minimum Arena Division requirement. If you’ve not played any tournaments before, make sure to have Two-Factor Authentication turned on.

You can view the full official rules and entry details here.

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