Fortnite: When Will Season 1 Chapter 2 Begin


For a day instead of Fortnite we observe a Black hole and it is rather tired. Epics are silent as in interrogation and we can only guess when the screen of “death” will change anger to mercy and we finally take a look at what we have prepared the developers.

Apparently, something big is coming, given such a long time of server downtime. I think we are waiting for a completely new Fortnite, in which the old will remain only the game mechanics and a handful of skins, which we earned or bought in previous seasons.

We can speculate for a long time about what will happen, but it seems that our torment will soon come to an end. The leak that emerged today may hint at the start day of the new season of Fortnite Battle Royale and when the downtime will finally end.


Despite the fact that all social networks Epic Games were also drawn into a black hole, experienced dataminer Lucas Yoshi, looking at the code of the official site Fortnite, still could see that it hides the time and date for the ” end of server downtime.”

The code originally revealed that the end time would last until Tuesday 15 October until 6am et. It appears that this code has been updated to show that the end time will now end on Thursday 17 October at 4am et.

As mentioned earlier, nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games yet, but it’s possible that the new season will start on Thursday, as we could get three teasers before the new Chapter launches. We will of course keep you updated with any new ads/teasers as soon as they are released.

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