Fortnite Wolverine Challenges: Find Wolverine’s Trophy In Dirty Docks


We are now entering Week 3 of Fortnite Season 4, meaning that we are inching ever so slightly closer towards unlocking Wolverine by complete Wolverine challenges.


This week’s challenge is probably the least obvious so far, it asking you to Find Wolverine’s Trophy In Dirty Docks. There’s no more details than that to go off, but luckily we’ve narrowed it down for you.

Here’s where to find Wolverine’s Trophy to get you one step closer towards unlocking the man himself.


Fortnite Wolverine's Trophy Location
Fortnite Wolverine’s Trophy Location

Dirty Docks is located way out in the east of the map, right along the coastline.

As for the trophy, it actually takes the form of a Sentinel’s Head, one of Wolverine’s most notorious enemies. You can actually see loads of these guys dotted around Sentinel’s Graveyard, a Landmark that was added at the start of Season 4.

To complete this challenge, all you need to do is find the Trophy and the interact with it. The trophy is located in the southern building in Dirty Docks, right next to the pier.

Wolverine's Trophy
Wolverine’s Trophy

It’s on the bottom floor of the separated building in the central room. Smash a box to find your objective waiting for you.


Wolverine's Trophy Back Bling
Wolverine’s Trophy Back Bling

As a reward for completing this Wolverine Challenge, you will unlock Wolverine’s Trophy itself to use as a Back Bling. You still have a few weeks left to go before you unlock the skin itself, unfortunately.

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