Fortnite X IT: Chapter Two —Another Crossover Appears In-Game



The first in-game teasers for Fortnite’s collaboration with new movie IT: Chapter Two have appeared following the release of the v10.20 Content Update.

Fortnite fans first learned about the power of special events to promote the release of the film after updating v10.20, when the files that showed the balloon, along with various sound clips, creepy laughter, was discovered hidden inside the patch.

Now the items have finally entered the game and are already giving some creepy clues about what we can expect in the future.

A red balloon is one of the trademark props from the IT franchise, which Pennywise the Dancing Clown uses to lure his victims to their demise. In the leaked files it was labeled as pink, perhaps in an attempt to misdirect players, but it has taken on its scarlet hue now that it can be found in Pleasant Park.

Once you pop the balloon, the signature laugh of Pennywise can be heard echoing out of the grating, much like in the movies, implying that he may be hiding just underneath the popular Fortnite location, biding his time.

You'll float too. 🎈

📸 @LootLakeBR

— Fortnite News (@FortniteBR) 4 сентября 2019 г.

What the collaboration will have in store for fans of the popular battle royale game going forward remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely that we have heard the last of Pennywise in Fortnite.

With previous movie-themed events like with John Wick, the game has released special challenges that reward players with cosmetic items based off the film, or have added special Limited-Time Modes, as they did with the Avengers franchise ahead of Endgame.

IT: Chapter Two releases on Friday, September 6, so we can expect to see the next stage of the creepy event unfold in the near future.

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