Genshin Impact – 100 % Story Walkthrough


This is a general outline of how to progress through the story in Genshin Impact. Check the information below to find out how to quickly make your way through the story quests.


Prologue: Act 1

  ➤ Choose your Main Character.
  ➤ Follow Paimon to the Statue of the Seven. This will act as the tutorial for the basic controls.
  ➤ Learn to use Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill, and defeat the Slime.
  ➤ Head to the marker in the heart of the forest.
  ➤ Pick up the Crimson Crystal then continue towards Mondstadt.
  ➤ Meet Amber a Knight from Mondstadt.
  ➤ Meet Amber, a Knight from Mondstadt and have her join your party.
  ➤ Clear out the nearby Hilichurl camp.
  ➤ Cross the bridge and enter Mondstadt.
  ➤ Head to the location Amber marked at the top of the city.
  ➤ Receive a Wind Glider from Amber. Use it to get down to the fountain where Amber is waiting..
  ➤ Fight Stormterror, the dragon that you encountered earlier.
  ➤ Head to the Knight of Favonius headquarters.
  ➤ Meet with Kaeya, Jean, and Lisa, some of the characters involved with the Knights of Favonius.
  ➤ Meet with Amber at the Temple of the Falcon. Enter the temple and break the stone at the peak of the temple.
  ➤ Meet with Kaeya outside the Temple of the Wolf. Enter the temple and look for the stone at the top and break it.
  ➤ Meet Lisa at the Temple of the Lion. Enter the temple and beat it by destorying the stone at the peak.

Prologue: Act 2

  ➤ Head back to Mondstadt and meet up with Jean after you have reached Adventure Rank 10.
  ➤ Go and meet with Jean at the Knight’s of Farvonius headquarters..
  ➤ After leaving the headquarters you will need to chase down the green guy you saw speaking to Stormterror.
  ➤ Head to the big tree behind the Statue of the Seven in Windrise to meet with Venti and learn more about Dvalin, Stormterror’s real name.
  ➤ Meet with Venti back in Mondstadt at the cathedral.
  ➤ His plan fails and you are going to have to try and steal the Holy Lyre at night (18:00-06:00).
  ➤ Escape the guards by hiding in Diluc’s tavern. Here you will be introduced to Diluc.
  ➤ Leave the tavern and return when it is closed (0:00-6:00).
  ➤ Head to the Fatui hidout out and go inside to Retrive the Holy Lyre der Himmel.
  ➤ head back to Dliuc’s tavern with the Holy Lyre. 
  ➤ Head to the Thousand Winds Temple and defeat the Ruin Guard to obtain a Teardrop Crystal
  ➤ Head to Daduapa Gorge and defeat the enemies to open the chest to obtain another Teardrop Crystal.
  ➤ Go to the Ruins in the Woods and complete the Hidden Teardrop in the Heart of the Jungle Domain for the final Teardrop Crystal..
  ➤ Head to Dawn Winery and speak with Jean there..
  ➤ Head to Starsnatch Cliff.

Eye of the Storm Fight

Prologue: Act 3

  ➤ Head to Dawn Winery and speak to Diluc.
  ➤ Head to the marked area and defeat the Abyss Mage that awaits you there.
  ➤ Travel to the area marked as the entrance into Stormterror’s Lair.
  ➤ Defeat the Hilichurls that attack.
  ➤ Continue into Stormterror’s Lair. Use the wind currents to get into Dvalin’s tower.
  ➤ Break the seal found at the top of the tower.
  ➤ Find and break the 3 other seals scattered around in Stormterror’s Lair.
  ➤ Head back to the top of the tower.
  ➤ Pass through the seal and start the Storming Terror Domain.
  ➤ Beat Stormterror in a sky battle and then in a ground battle.
  ➤ Speak to some of the residents of Mondstadt. Speak to Cyrus, Nimrod and Grace.
  ➤ Head to shop Good Hunter. After speaking to Kaeya, sit down and have a meal with Amber.
  ➤ Go to the Cathedral and meet Jean and Venti there.
  ➤ Meet with Venti at the tree behind the Statue of the Seven in Windrise.

Stormterror Battle.jpg

Chapter 1: Act 1

  ➤ Travel to Liyue Harbor.
  ➤ Speak to 3 of the locals. You will need to talk to Guanhai, Bolai, and Linlang.
  ➤ Head to Yujing Terrace and place incence in the 2 censer.
  ➤ Join the crowd to watch Ningguang.
  ➤ Escape the Millelith. Get to the objective marker without being caught by avoiding their line of sight.
  ➤ Meet with with Childe in front of Northland Bank and speak to him.
  ➤ Travel to Jueyun Karst and meet the adepti there.
  ➤ Defeat 20 of the Milelith that arrive.
  ➤ Find and speak to the 3 adepti.
  ➤ After finding all 3 adepti above, head back to Liyue Harbor and speak to Childe.

Chapter 1: Act 2

  ➤ Wait till the next day for the quest to continue, then head to Liyue Harbor and talk to the bank staff there.
  ➤ Find Childe in Liyue and meet with Zhongli.
  ➤ Go to the southern part of Liyue Harbor and buy Noctilus Jade from the merchant there.
  ➤ After receiving the samples of Noctilus Jade, head to Dadaupa Gorge to find the giant pot.
  ➤ Defeat the Hilichurls surrounding the pot and walk over to it to use it.
  ➤ Return to Liyue Harbor and speak to the merchant Shitou again.
  ➤ Head to Yujing Terrace and place the Noctilus Jade in the marked spot.
  ➤ Head to the port to find the flower merchant and speak to him to buy the Silk Flowers.
  ➤ Speak with Lan at the Adventurer’s Guild desk. Then speak to Qiming, and then Ying’er
  ➤ Meet with Ying’er at the nearby restaurant.
  ➤ Bring her the needed ingredients to make the perfumes.
  ➤ After obtaining the perfumes, head to the Statue of the Seven and speak to Zhongli there.
  ➤ Meet with Madame Ping back at Liyue Harbor
  ➤ Touch her teapot and find the Cleasing Bell inside.
  ➤ Bring the perfume and Cleansing Bell to Zhongling in Yujing Terrrace.
  ➤ Purchase a kite from Granny Shan.
  ➤ Find and speak to 3 workers who can get you materials for a price.
  ➤ Speak to Childe.
  ➤ Travel to Bubu Pharmacy and speak to Qiqi there.
  ➤ Find the Guizhong Ballista in the marked area along Mt. Tianheng and repair it.
  ➤ Defeat the attacking Treasure Hoarders.
  ➤ Head back to the pharmacy and talk to Qiqi again.
  ➤ Go back to Yujing Terrace and speak to Zhongli to place the Everlasting Incense .
  ➤ Wait until 18:00-23:00 and meet with Zhongli at the restaurant.

To Be continue…..

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