Genshin Impact Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Walkthrough

Genshin Impact Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Walkthrough

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Outlander Who Caught the Wind is the first chapter in the Prologue of the Genshin Impact Archon Quests. Here is a walkthrough of all the stages of this task.


  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Unexpected Power
  • Forest Rendezvous
  • Wind-riding Knight
  • Going Upon the Breeze
  • City of Freedom
  • Dragon Storm
  • Knights of Favonius

Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Walkthrough

Bird’s Eye View

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraPrimogemNext Quests
225500975Unexpected Power

You begin your journey in Starfell Valley, exploring the land and seeing its sights together with Paimon.


  1. Follow the Path.
  2. Go to Paimon.
  3. Follow Paimon.
  4. Swim to the island in Starfell Lake.


Continue down the trail until you come to a river with a waterfall. At the water line you will find some Calla Lillies to collect and if you swim into the river, you can grab some Black Bass. Be careful of your stamina while swimming because when it runs out, you will drown.

Further on, you will come across a Sunsettia tree with plenty of fruit to pick – this fruit can serve as small HP recovery so is definitely worth collecting while you’re here. There are also mushrooms and mint to be found in this area. Once you’ve finished exploring, approach Paimon for a cutscene and explanation of the Statues of the Seven.

As you approach the bottom of the slope, Paimon will explain that you can swim over to the Statue in the middle of the lake. However, before you do, turn left and around towards the floating blue spirit. This is a Mysterious Seelie and if you follow them, they will lead you to treasure chests. Sometimes you will have to find two or more Seelies to access the treasure or objective in an area so always be on the lookout for more. Follow this one, climb the tree and chase after it until it flies into a statue which turns into an Exquisite Chest. Open the chest for numerous rewards, including Artifacts, Primogems and Enhancement Ore.

Return to Paimon and watch out for any other items along the way. If you kill a squirrel it will drop Raw Meat which is also used in cooking and is an essential ingredient for some of the better recipes. Swim across Starfell Lake and head towards the Statue for a cutscene after which the map will open, uncovering a large portion of the surrounding area.

After the cutscene ends, the Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst abilities will unlock.

Unexpected Power

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraPrimogemOther RewardsNext Quests
250575110020Sweet Madame x10, Teyvat Fried Egg x10Forest Rendezvous

As you advanced, a Statue of the Seven appeared on the horizon ahead of you. At Paimon’s suggestion, you go to investigate.


  1. Talk to Paimon
  2. Defeat the Slimes
  3. This will appear in between each of the Skill usage objectives
  4. Press/Tap to unleash Elemental Skill
  5. Hold Elemental Skill
  6. Use Elemental Burst


After interacting with the Statue and little discussion with Paimon, you come face to face with a Pyro Slime. This serves as an introduction to a special attack known as Elemental Skill.

Try out your Elemental Skill on the Slime now which will send it hurtling back into the water. Two more Slimes will pop out and a new prompt will appear, asking you to hold the Elemental Skill button down to charge the attack, thus creating a much stronger version of the basic attack. Kill both Slimes with one charged Elemental Skill attack and then a final group of 4 will appear.

You may have noticed after killing an enemy, you absorb a certain amount of elemental energy. This serves to charge your Elemental Burst attack which the game prompts you to unleash on the group of Slimes. Press the button to send a vortex of wind hurtling through the group and once dead, the quest will end and a whole bunch of new menu options will be available in the Pause menu.


Press the Elemental Skill button once for a basic attack or hold for a charged attack. (left), Elemental Bursts are the ultimate move and can be charged by collecting elemental energy. (right)

Forest Rendezvous

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraOther RewardsNext Quests
2505751100Crimson CrystalWind-Riding Knight

Unexpectedly, the power of Anemo within the statue of the Seven resonated with you. You decided to begin your investigation with the Anemo Archon of Teyvat’s Seven Archons. As such, the first order of the day is to reach the land under the Anemo Archon’s protection: Mondstadt.


  1. Go to Mondstadt
  2. Advance to the heart of the forest
  3. Investigate what Paimon has found
  4. Talk to Paimon


Explore the new menu options that are available to you and check your mail for reward items which may help you in your journey. From the pause menu you can now access the Character menu, add new friends from the Friends menu and change your party set up. There are plenty of social features and game updates to read as well.

You will also gain access to the Achievements book which gives you rewards – usually Primogems – for completing certain tasks or reaching milestones in the game. Most of these will be unlocked as you play. See the Achievements section for more details.

Level up your Traveller a few times (we levelled to 15 but try to save some of your books) and continue towards the city of Mondstadt.

Wind-riding Knight

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraPrimogemNext Quests
275625120020Going Upon the Breeze

On the path to Mondstadt, you inadvertently eavesdropped on a meeting between a huge dragon and a mysterious figure. As you proceeded with various doubts in your mind, a perky young girl showed up to block your path.

  1. Keep heading towards Mondstadt
  2. Use Amber to defeat the airborne slimes
  3. Go to the location designated by Amber


After picking up the Crimson Crystal, continue towards Mondstadt, slowly meandering towards the river surrounding the city and picking up flowers and other items along the way. As you approach the next waypoint marker, a cutscene will play, introducing you to your first new party member.

Defeat the slimes

A tutorial will appear, instructing you how to switch party members which you should do now. Select Amber and you will then be asked to shoot down the slimes using Amber’s bow. She is a ranged character who uses the Pyro element so she can destroy wooden obstacles, shoot things from distance like other ranged enemies and is generally quite a different playstyle to your Traveler. For more detailed information on Amber, see here.

Aim your bow at the slime and shoot the slime. If you hold the button down longer, Amber will do a stronger attack. Collect the rewards from the chest that appears after you defeat them. Among them should be a new weapon for your traveler which you should equip in the Character information screen.


Hold down the attack button to charge Amber’s bow for a stronger attack. (left), Equip the new sword after defeating the slime. (right)

After shooting the slimes down, run to the new marker on your map to complete the quest and earn your reward.

Going Upon the Breeze

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraPrimogemOther RewardsNext Quests
275925180020Recurve Bow, Enhancement Ore x8City of Freedom

The girl’s name is Amber, and her duty as an Outrider is to escort you to Mondstadt. However, she has another task to attend to first, which is to clean out the hilichurls that have been wandering around outside the city.


  1. Defeat the nearby hilichurls
  2. Clear out the nearby hilichurl camp
  3. Talk to Amber
  4. Keep heading towards Mondstadt


Before you rush towards the hilichurl camp, activate the nearby Waypoint to be rewarded with 5 Primogems and then methodically kill the hilichurls around the map marker. This is the perfect time to practise using Amber, especially her charged bow shot and to learn about the Pyro element in general. Enemies also have weak points which you can exploit to deal extra damage so try aiming for the head on the hilichurl and watch the damage numbers increase.

After you kill the hilichurl, Amber will explain she has been tasked with clearing out the nearby camp of hilichurls which can be found just up the hill nearby. Start by removing the crossbow hilichurl using Amber’s ranged attack and then switch to your Traveler to finish off the others, ideally mixing in some Elemental Bursts and attacks to deal greater damage. A new tutorial will explain about Elemental Reactions whereby two Elements combine and react. The combination of Anemo and Pyro results in the Swirl Elemental Reaction in this instance.

Once the hilichurls have been defeated, talk to Amber and then collect the Exquisite Chest rewards. You will receive your first Artifact, powerful accessories used to boost your characters’ stats, which the game will prompt you to equip in the Character screen. After you’ve equipped the Artifact, continue towards Mondstadt to complete the quest, but be sure to watch out for Lynn the Cook by the roadside along the way who has the quest The Art of Cooking.

City of Freedom

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraOther RewardsNext Quests
2508501625Enhancement Ore x7Dragon Storm

With your help, the problem was resolved quickly. Led by Amber, you reach the city of freedom — Mondstadt.


  1. Go to the location designated by Amber
  2. Meet Amber at the fountain plaza


As you enter the city gates, a cutscene will play showing off Mondstadt in all its glory. Mondstadt is the main city in this area of Teyvat and will serve as an adventuring hub of sorts. There are numerous shops ranging from a Blacksmith where you can upgrade weapons to the Adventurers’ Guild, which you will be formally introduced to shortly.

Explore as much as you please but then make your way to higher ground, past the massive windmill and to the central plaza where a colossal statue depicting the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, is. The game will prompt you to navigate to this area by opening the Quest menu and selecting the “navigate” option on the quest name. A gold trail will lead you towards your objective so follow it now but don’t forget to equip the Recurve Bow you just received on Amber.

Meet Amber at the fountain plaza

After a discussion about Mondstadt, Amber will hand over a Wind Glider and explain how the people of Mondstadt use them to get around more easily. You will now need to jump off the wall and glide your way down to the objective marker at the bottom of the city near the fountain.

Simply press the jump button twice and your Wind Glider will automatically appear, allowing you to steer and float to your destination. Gently steer yourself to Amber who is waiting for you at the destination to complete the quest.

Dragon Storm

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraPrimogemOther RewardsNext Quests
2751250240020Enhancement Ore x2Knights of Favonius

The usually-peaceful Mondstadt was suddenly assailed by a dragon. This is the Stormterror that Amber spoke of, and was the gigantic creature that you encountered in the forest earlier.


  1. Fend off Stormterror
  2. Go to the Knights of Favonius headquarters


Immediately upon completing the last mission, a new cutscene will play after which you will be gliding high in the air, chasing Stormterror who is laying siege to Mondstadt. A voice asks you to “harness the power of the wind” and fend off Stormterror’s attack.

Simply aim the reticle at Stormterror and hold down the charge attack button, which will cause the Traveller to shoot out beams of light to damage him. He will dodge and weave through the sky, trying to avoid your attacks but keep firing until his health falls to around 15% at which point he will fly off.

Back on the ground, you will be introduced to another member of the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya, who cordially invites you to their headquarters. The Dressing Room will unlock after the cutscene and a short tutorial on its use will ensue.

Once you’ve studied the Dressing Room menu, head on over to the objective marker just out front of the Knights of Favonius headquarters. Just before you get there, be sure to unlock the waypoint shortcut nearby which will allow you to fast travel back there in future. As you reach the doors, the quest will complete.

Knights of Favonius

Adventure EXPCharacter EXPMoraOther RewardsNext Quests
22510251950Enhancement Ore x9, Acquaint FateWinds of the Past, Crash Course, Sparks Amongst the Pages

You repelled Stormterror with some difficulty. Kaeya of the Knights of Favonius witnessed the battle, and you were invited to make a trip to the Knights headquarters.


  1. Enter the Knights of Favonius headquarters
  2. Talk to Jean (You will only see this objective if you disconnect during the cutscene)


A short and simple quest, simply open the door to the headquarters and a cutscene will immediately begin to play. You will be introduced to the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius, Jean, and Lisa, the Librarian.

After a discussion about Stormterror’s attack, it is decided you must locate the source of his power which Lisa has discovered in the abandoned Four Winds’ Temples scattered around Mondstadt. You must enter three of these (detailed in three separate quests: Winds of the PastCrash Course and Sparks Amongst the Pages), which you can complete in any order you choose.

After the cutscene, you should be Adventure Rank 5 whereby Wishes and the Shop will unlock. You can find these options in the main menu and the game will encourage you to explore these now.

Finally, after leaving the HQ, Paimon will explain to you that it may be a good idea to prepare by visiting the Blacksmith Wagner in Mondstadt in the separate quest Sharpening the Axe Won’t Hinder the Work. Another tutorial will prompt you to visit the Character screen and learn how to enhance your weapons in the Weapons menu. This will teach you how to add enhancement materials like Enhancement Ore to boost a weapon’s power.