Genshin Impact: Ellin the Wannabe Knight


The first major game update to Genshin Impact is very close to releasing; that’s right, version 1.1 is nearly here! Gamers everywhere are rejoicing, as they’ll have more content to play, as well as more characters to unlock. An array of things are coming with the update, a lot of amazing changes!


Genshin Impact Ellin the Wannabe Knight Commission

Ellin, the Wannabe Knight, is a Daily Commission Quest in Genshin Impact that you might receive by logging into the game. For this commission, players need to destroy training dummies in less than 2 seconds, which sounds easy, but it’s no easy feat at all, as it depends on the position and number of the dummies.

To find Ellin, you must go behind the Knights Headquarters, and you can help her with her training. There are two types of challenges Ellin offers; the first is to obliterate the dummies in less than 2 seconds. The second is causing an explosion to destroy the dummies in less than two seconds. Though the dummies may differ for each challenge, they come in three forms: either 5 dummies in a line, 6 dummies in a semi-circle, or 6 dummies split into two groups.

You must destroy all the dummies at once together after you destroy the first one; however, you can weaken the dummies before you start the challenge making the commission so much easier. Fulfilling this quest is easier if your characters are at a high level, with most of their constellation unlocked, though we do have some helpful tips to make it somewhat manageable for you.

  • For Challenge 1 – 3×2
    • ➤Hit all 6 dummies until they are weak, stand between two sets with Razor, use his elemental burst(Q) to insta-destroy one set, and then quickly jump over with E to destroy the last set.
    • ➤Weaken all dummies, then as Amber use her Elemental Skill to through her explosive puppet at the first set of three, then switch to Lisa, and use her AoE hold attack on the other set.
  • For Challenge 1 – 5 in a Row
    • ➤Venti is a perfect person to use this one. Weaken all the dummies as weak as you can get without destroying one, then Hold his Elemental Skill in front of the first dummy, then fire! You should be able to get all of them!
    • ➤Same method as above for Amber or any Bow user!
    • ➤Kaeya’s Elemental Skill can also be used for this!
  • For Challenge 2 – Explosion!
    • ➤This can be done easily by lighting the brazier with a fire skill and then using charged elemental Anemo skill; you are able to create a large swirl Elemental Reaction to destroy all of the practice dummies.
    • ➤Alternatively, you can light the brazier with a fire skill, then hit it with an Electro skill to trigger Overload. Overload has enough range to hit every dummy!

Many methods can be used to complete this, but always make sure that the dummies are weakened before you start! As 2 seconds is not a lot of time overall! Let us know how you managed to pull this off, and we’ll keep updating the list to help others!

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