Genshin Impact: Klee is Confirmed as next Banner & a Referral Event Starts Soon!


Information regarding the next Banner and the Referral Event coming to Genshin Impact soon.


Players of Genshin Impact are eagerly awaiting the spoils that come with the release of update 1.1, and no wonder as the update seems to be huge. As we draw ever closer to that day, more information about upcoming events is starting to appear, and the first of many is that Klee is confirmed to be the next Banner coming to Genshin Impact. Oh, there’s more, starting sometime on 13th October 2020, a Referral Event is taking place!

Upcoming Banner

A tweet from Zeniet claims:

Klee has been officially confirmed to be our next banner after Venti.

She’s a 5* Pyro character Her specialty is using explosions against enemies Her character introduction video, “The Night where the Sun Escapes” is being released to several regions slowly


As we mentioned in our upcoming Banners article, that the next Banners were leaked. It seems the leaked information struck the nail on the head, as Klee is coming next after the Venti Banner disappears. Officially, we still don’t a date, but the rumored information seems to be 100% correct so far, so if we go by that, Klee will be arriving on the 18th of October until about the 7th of November.

Along with the 5 Star Pyro Catalyst user Klee, a few other characters are also available to drop. These characters are meant to be: 

  • Xingqiu – 4 Star Hydro Sword user
  • Noelle – 4 Star Geo Claymore user
  • Xiangling – 4 Star Pyro Polearm user

However, according to a reply tweet to a user asking about what characters will drop from Zeniets confirmation, user Ran Changfu claims:

That’s the old banner from beta, they’ll most likely change the 4* characters in the new banner.


Now we have official confirmation; we should hear more details on the Banner very shortly.

Referral Event

More information from Zeniet that a Referral Event is coming to Genshin Impact on the 13th of October and ends on the 11th of November. If you refer the game to someone during this event, you’ll receive rewards for doing so, and the more you refer, additional rewards are awarded. The following list is the number of referrals needed for the rewards:

  • ➤Create an account; you get 10000 Mora.
  • ➤If 1 reaches AR15, you get 60 gems.
  • ➤If 2 reaches AR15, you get 60 gems.
  • ➤If 3 reaches AR15, you get 60 gems.

A leaked screenshot in Chinese, of the rewards earned from the Referral Event in Genshin Impact

For more context, Zeniet explains:

To add more context,

  • ➤Total of 180 primogems
  • ➤People you referral to must use your exclusive code
  • ➤Up to 10 people can use your code – Players less than AR7 are still eligible to be labeled as new adventurer
  • ➤Players who are higher than AR15 have access to referral others


It seems like every other day, more information on what’s coming to Genshin Impact is being revealed. Furthermore, we know one thing that the hype levels are increasing with every nugget of information regarding this mind-blowing game!

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