Genshin Impact – Time And The Wind: How To Complete Guide


Genshin Impact Time and the Wind quest has a lot of players struggling due to its cumbersome tasks. Check out how to complete this quest in Genshin Impact here.


Genshin Impact is rising in popularity by the day. Players from all around the world are flocking towards the game to give it a try. The fantasy-themed RPG has a massive playground for the players to get lost in. It has a huge amount of resources to collect and craft new items. The game also has a rich and diverse questline which immerses the player into the game. One of the quests that the players have been struggling with is the Genshin Impact Time and the Wind Quest.

Genshin Impact Time and the Wind Quest

This is one of the quests in Genshin Impact that players seem to have difficulty completing. The quest has the player involved in a lot of traveling and task completion in order to fulfill the quest. Here’s how the player can complete the Time and the Wind quest in Genshin Impact:

Reach the Genshin Impact Secret Island

  • ➤The player needs to head towards the east coast of the Starsnatch Cliff
  • ➤From there, the players can spot an abandoned nameless island
  • ➤There are two ways by which players can reach this island
  • ➤Firstly, if they have Venti as a character and a minimum of 208 points of stamina, they can directly float towards the island. This is the faster way.
  • ➤The other way which is much slower and cumbersome is freezing the water and walking over the frozen patch until the player reaches the island.
  • ➤Once on the island, the players need to head over to the south beach
  • ➤They need to look for a very small camp which has rock next to it
  • ➤Break the rock and it will provide the next direction for the quest

Change the Time on Sun Dial

  • ➤The information from the rock will tell the player how to trigger the sundial
  • ➤Now head back to the sundial and change the time to 2:00 am

Wind Orbs

  • ➤Now the player needs to look for 4 wind orbs and their elemental vision will help with the task. The elemental vision will draw lines towards the locations of these orbs, follow the lines to find the orbs.
  • ➤The players need to break these orbs with wind magic in order to collect them
  • ➤The first orb can be found on top of the sunken ruins behind the sundial
  • ➤The second orb can be found on top of a pillar next to the sundial
  • ➤The third orb can be located towards the northwest side of the beach, sitting on top of a rock partly submerged in water
  • ➤The last one can be found towards the south behind a submerged rune.

Windstorm Boss

  • ➤After all, orbs are collected players should be able to see a storm surrounding the sundial
  • ➤Players need to enter the storm and break the orb sitting in the center
  • ➤Breaking the orb will spawn a level 40 elemental boss called the Eye of the Storm
  • ➤Once the boss reaches 25 health it retreats, and players need to use the wind jets to find it again

Sundial and Wind orbs again

  • ➤The wind jets will take the player back to another sundial where they would need to change the time
  • ➤They will need to find 3 more wind orbs
  • ➤This time, the breaking the orbs will spawn wind slime enemies, so the player needs to be careful
  • ➤All 3 orbs are around the sundial only, one towards the left, one towards the right, and the last one right opposite it. They can be spotted with the help of elemental vision.

Final Boss

  • ➤Once all the 3 orbs have been collected, the wind boss will be back and this time more devastating than earlier
  • ➤The boss will not only be stronger but will also spawn additional enemies that will aid it in battle
  • ➤After defeating the boss, speak to Henry to acquire the extra XP, Primogems, and Adventure XP. The riddle for the nameless island will be completed and the players will also unlock an achievement for it.

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