Graveyard Keeper Camp Satisfaction Guide (GoC DLC)


For Graveyard Keeper players, this is just a guide about how to increasing your camp satisfaction in GoC DLC, let’s check it out.


Basic requirements

You will need to supply both food and water to increase refugee satisfaction. Satisfaction will decrease if they are both missing.

Basic rates seem to be:
Enough Water = .01 Satisfaction per person per time window
Enough Food = .03 Satisfaction per person per time window

There is 3 times per day that Satisfaction will increase.

Tips to increase Satisfaction

The first thing you should seek to build is the well, this will allow you to collect water for the refugees and not have to carry it from the Quarry, or the house.

The second thing is the first tent, followed by two refugees. every refugee increases the amount of satisfaction gained. Increase the number of tent and refugees when ever possible as they will drive the satisfaction higher.

Report back to the Baron.

At this point Seek out the woman dressed in white, she is a cook and will ask for a cook table. At this point a garden area will also be available to construct. The garden area should be your next goal, as it will grow about every other day. You will not need to tend it as the refugees will handle it. You will be able to have four beds going. The best choices are one wheat, one beet, one cabbage, one onion.

Once you have constructed the cook table and have started the refugees growing wheat, you will no longer need to grow it at home. They will grow massive amounts of wheat. When you add the Well 2 to the mix you will be able to collect dough about once every two days and you will have all you can use. You should try to collect every few days as they will fill the storehouse otherwise.

At this point you should fall into a routine of tents, refugees, other structures. each workshop will lead to new recipes for your use.

Cook table-food recipes
Undertaker-High level Grave goods (14 skull bodies)
Tanner-Magic Bags (Very Valuable for dungeon)

That’s all we are sharing today in Graveyard Keeper Camp Satisfaction Guide (GoC DLC), if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below.

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