Heaven’s Secret – Season 3 EP 7 Poor Yore: Walkthrough

Heaven’s Secret – Season 3 EP 7 Poor Yore: Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Guide to Romance Club: Heaven’s Secret! This page is for the third season of Episode 7 “Poor Yore


What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is a chapter-by-chapter guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the story. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each story.

Most choices you make for your Main Character in this book influence variables: You can follow the path of Angel 😇, Demon 😈, or trigger a hidden path of Malbonte 😇😈 while also choosing to influence: Strong Connection to Malbonte or Weak Connection to Malbonte.

Your choices can also influence: Glory 👑 High or Low can dramatically change the plot of your story!

These choices change (quite significantly) the story, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play. Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol. Text written in Italic provides a summary of the story and in case of a premium choice extra information.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.  Do you have more questions? Come and join us on the Reddit fan community!

Season 3, Ep. 7: “Poor Yore” Guide

The Citadel councel questions you about Malbonte.

Choice: …

  • ➤ Yes, he’s a monster! Prompt: Rumors of your connection to Malbonte are fading.
  • ➤ He’s angry and dangerous. (No effect on stats.)
  • ➤ No, he’s not like that at all! Prompt: Your relationship with Malbonte improved.
Path of Strong Connection to Malbonte: “And all of Malbonte’s followers will follow his fate.” You reply, “I understood you.” He turns to face you. “I do not think you did… I advise you to make your decision wisely. If you were a cat, you would only have two lives. You already lost one, and you will not gain another. You lost it because of Malbonte. Don’t forget that”
Path of Weak Connection to Malbonte: “But those who picked the right side have nothing to fear.” Rebecca replied, “You taught me to look at everything like a math problem.” He replied, “That is correct.” Rebecca continued, “Those who attack have the advantage. And you are handing him this advantage without a fight. We have nothing to fear. And you, here in Citadel, have nothing else to do but fear.” Eragon brought his hands together and put his index fingers to his lips. “I missed you.” Mom nodded discreetly.”I’m glad.”

Rebecca asks why you need to know who Eragon is.

Choice: …

  • ➤ I want to get the whole picture. (20💎) (You learn more about Eragon and how Rebecca climbed the ranks.)
  • ➤ No reason. (No effect on stats.)

Rebecca tells you to pick new clothes.

Pick an outfit: (Do not effect anything. They are exclusively for your taste.)

  • ➤ Elegant (20💎)
  • ➤ Crème de la crème (26💎)
  • ➤ Simple urban (Free)

Rebecca looks you up and down before saying you two can go.
Choice: “What’s up with her?!”

  • ➤ (Demand an explanation.) + 1 Demon 😈
  • ➤ (Trust her.) + 1 Angel 😇
Path of Low Glory 👑: Angela replies, “You have a daughter?” She later asks, “If it is not a secret, what is it like to be the daughter of such a famous Seraph? How does it feel to live in your mother’s shadow? It probably imposes a certain sense of responsibility. You must always strive for greatness. And if it doesn’t work out, you have to find the strength to come to terms with your worthlessness.” You wanted her to shut up.
Path of High Glory 👑: Angela replies, “Oh, I have heard about her.”

Angela says Yore has been very nervous lately.

Choice: “What should I say?”

  • ➤ (Talk about the uproar in the city.) – 1 Glory 👑 Prompt: Your question was inappropriate.
  • ➤ (Ask about the opinion about Malbonte.) – 2 Glory 👑
  • ➤ (Ask about the boarded up windows.) – 2 Glory 👑 Prompt: Your question was inappropriate.
  • ➤ (Find a neutral topic.) + 1 Glory 👑

Rebecca makes a toast.

Choice: “Mom slipped something in his drink!”

  • ➤ (Warn him.) + 2 Angel 😇 Prompt: Your choice influenced history!
  • ➤ (Say nothing.) + 2 Demon 😈 Prompt: Your choice influenced history!

Rebecca speaks to you after the ordeal with Yore.

Choice: “How to react?” (Does not effect the storyline.)

  • ➤ You’re a monster!
  • ➤ I get you..
  • ➤ I can’t play with lives like you do!
Path of Strong Connection to Malbonte: You spoke up, “Mom will never take your side” “And you?” he replied. “If I take your side.. If you win this war…Where will that lead? Are you only driven by your revenge, or are you really striving for harmony?” He answered, “I am driven by revenge. I want to kill Shepha but I don’t need endless blood and death.”
Path of Weak Connection to Malbonte: “I’ll fight against you. I’m not on your side, Malbonte.” You said it simply, honestly, just as he had spoken to you. And he answered simply, with the same sincerity: “So be it. It’s your choice.”
The choice below will only be available to you depending on your relationship and/or connection to Malbonte.

Malbonte kisses you.

Choice: “What to do?”

  • ➤ (Kiss him back.) (26💎) Prompt: Your relationship with Malbonte improved.
  • ➤ (Push him away.)

Malbonte tells you his army is ready to attack.


👑 Glory: 1 without 💎

😇😈 Angel or Demon: 3