How to Craft Equipment, Get Drawings, Materials & Spare Parts in the Surge 2 – Guide

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To create equipment in the Surge 2 you will need drawings and various materials such as components and scrap. Drawing of the subject can be obtained by dismembering the enemy and cutting off his desired body part. When you have the drawing, you can go to the medical station and access the crafting screen.

In the menu, select the desired item and look at the right amount of spare parts in the wheel, in the lower left corner of the screen. White color will be allocated that will be spent, and green-that will remain.


If you do not have the right components, you will have to continue to dismember the enemies (for the right components cut off the corresponding parts of the body). Spares can be obtained from killing enemies in General. You can disassemble the found junk for parts.


You can use higher-level materials instead of lower-level materials

There are several levels of components. For example, you need level 1 materials to create a new drawing. If you do not have tier 1 materials, you can use higher-level materials. Their consumption will be shown in the user interface next to the level. Higher level material consumption will be less, with a ratio of 1/2. Use material downgrades until you have enough level 1 materials. Once you get the number of materials that will create an object, then stop.

Keep in mind that the legs and arms must be crafted twice to get the full set. The UI color for the drawing icon will change to indicate that you have done both.

How to get drawings

The blueprints in the Surge 2 are the recipes you use to make new pieces of armor. We find the enemy in the armor, which you do not have. Chop off the desired limb to get a drawing for her. This means that to get a full set of equipment, you will have to defeat at least four of these opponents.

As an added bonus, you will receive materials for this limb. Only one drawing is required to create two arms and two legs. Additionally, you can get a variety of implants and weapons.

Just make sure you have at least a little bit of stamina to run the finishing off. Also do not forget to choose the desired limb that you want to get. If you don’t deal enough damage to the enemy, you won’t be able to trigger the execution and will likely just kill the enemy before you can use the finishing touch.


Always remember that you can check your inventory and see if you already have a drawing like the one you met the enemy.

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