How to Defeat All the Bosses in Borderlands 3 – Guide

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Borderlands 3 contains a lot of unique and sometimes very difficult bosses. And that’s why this material was prepared, which will tell you how best to defeat them all. In the text all of them are arranged in chronological order. It is also worth noting that the guide is primarily designed for single players. However, in the co-op, obviously, to defeat the bosses will be much easier.

The best character for single passage bosses is Moze, because she can to inspire his fur squarely on the field battlefield, approached only take a careful to Challenger and focus its the fire on vulnerable places (for example, anybody). This allows her to deal a large amount of damage, while she herself, while in the robot, is immune to incoming damage. Fur does not live very long and has a very long recovery time, but this is compensated by the ability to quickly cause a lot of damage.

If there are enough places to hide on a location during a boss battle, you can run from one place to another and wait for her ‘ mech to recharge (but this works for any other character as well). So that best borrow Moze precisely because of its active skill.

Of course, there is FL4K, which is preferred by a huge number of players. And although the artificial intelligence of the pet, it may call, is very good, but in battles with the bosses it’s not always useful. Some animals, in principle, can not get to certain opponents, or they will have to constantly revive.

In addition, try to keep alive at least one ordinary enemy during the battle with the boss, so that in the case of your knockout you could kill him and get a second chance (self-healing).

Boss #1 – Shiv

Main mission: Children of the Vault

Location: Pandora, Covenant Pass

This boss acts as a small training, and the amount of his health a little more than ordinary opponents. Therefore, he will die very quickly. When he will to commit underground shock wave of, simply move away in side. You can also fly in the slide into the barrel, so that they fell into the Shiv and dealt him great damage.


Boss #2 — Mouthpiece

Main mission: Cult Following

Location: Pandora, Ascension Bluff

This boss is dangerous for two reasons: first, he calls a lot of small minions, and secondly, his main blow — a powerful sonic boom with the help of placed around the speakers. So when you see that the floor begins to glow, immediately step aside. He also almost always goes in the middle of the arena and of itself is a real threat. And before you make this attack, the Mouthpiece will start to walk in circles, again, in the middle of the location.

Sometimes only a quarter of columns will work, sometimes only the middle, and near the end of the battle there is a chance that all at once. In the latter case, the only safe place is the zone in the middle. It will also become immune to damage during this AoE attack.

Due to the presence of a shield at the Mouthpiece protecting his body, it is best to shoot him in the head. If you play as Mose, thanks to the abilities of the mech, you can inflict a huge amount of critical damage. You can also attack him from behind when he either turns his back on you or starts walking in circles.

The battle itself can be very long, so keep killing minions, while always leaving at least one alive.

In addition, since the battle with him takes place at the beginning of the game, it will be very useful to complete various tasks to reach at least the sixth level and be able to wear suitable equipment.

Boss #3 — Gigamind

Main mission: Hostile Takeover

Location: Promethea, Meridian Metroplex

The Gigamind has a shield protecting his health bar. So first as can be faster take down shield, after what not let him reload his by a permanent the spraying damage. Fortunately, in the battle with him, you will not be alone: you will help a friend-a ninja who will distract attention.

When Gigamind cause before a panel, he will be vulnerable from behind. His weak point is on the back (red dot), so take a shotgun and boldly start to cause damage to him. Stay as close to Gigamesh and always come in behind him.


Boss #4 — Captain Traunt

The main mission: The Impending Storm

Location: Athena

Captain Traunt is, in fact, a tank having a large supply of health, while his shields break quite difficult. He uses fire and ice attacks at long-medium and short distances.

To demolish his shields must cause a significant amount of damage. If you are too weak or you do not have enough powerful weapons in your hands, it will be very difficult to do it. The best and at the same time dangerous thing you can do is run in circles around him and shoot a shotgun at his weak point: the generator on his back (you can also shoot from the front a little above his shoulder).

Shooting a shotgun in the face can also put him out of action for a while, which is especially useful when he’s about to make an attack.

However, this more aggressive method will work only if you are well equipped. A more cautious approach involves firing at a distance, so use cover and shoot at his weak spot with a sniper or assault rifle. But unlike the more aggressive way, this one will take longer to bring down his shields.

The most important part of fighting captain Trant is not letting Him rebuild his shields. So as soon as they subside, try to cause his health as much damage as you can, using your best weapons. And again, shoot at his weak spot-the generator on his back.

If you have any problems in the battle with him, it is best to increase your level and get more cool equipment. Level 15 should be enough to make the battle with him easier.

Captain Traunt-img

Boss #5 — Katagawa Ball

Main mission: Space-Laser Tag

Location: Prometea, Skywell-27

This boss is a big flying ball with three health bars. On bringing to zero the first (yellow) will require more just time. The second is a little less, while the third you spend the least.

Katagawa ball is also very tank enemy, but on the location you will find many places to hide, from which you can easily recharge your shields and skills. The very same battle, for the most part — it’s a battle of endurance. Ammunition is another problem, because at the boss you will have to put a ton of rounds (especially alone). Use your active skills and take with you a lot, a lot of ammunition.

From the place where you fell on the Elevator when you first got to the location with the Ball Katagawa, go to the far left and climb the stairs to find the turbine, behind which you can hide. In General, the boss will not be able to hit you, except for some AoE-attacks with molten lava, which you will survive without any problems. So do not hesitate and look out from behind cover to inflict some damage. Then go back, reload the shields, and repeat again.

On the second and third health bar, the boss will move much faster and start using new attacks. If you will get too many AoE-attacks in your hiding place, start running around the location in large circles from one shelter to another.

Also ideally you should choose a weapon that will inflict significant damage per shot (to reduce ammo consumption). And although there are boxes of ammunition in the arena, still save your ammo.

It is best to use the following weapons: sniper rifle, machine guns, assault rifle, pistol. However, a good sniper rifle is the key to success. Taking it, shoot the Ball Katagawa right in the eye.

Katagawa Ball-img

Boss #6 — Katagawa Jr.

The main mission: Atlas, At Last

Location:  Promethea, Atlas HQ

Katagawa Jr. is a ninja who looks like a non-player Zer0 (Zer0). His health works on the principle of cause damage to one of his clones, and then the boss will be damaged. Clones same make one of two things: they either are shooting on you from sniper rifles with high, either assailed with close distances with a katana.

When you see that you threw smoke, and the screen was blurred, it means that now there will be clones. You can also run away from the smoke so that the screen doesn’t become blurry.

In the battle With katagawai Jr. it is good to have a melee weapon (shotgun, submachine gun) and long-range (sniper rifle). Use your sniper rifle against the clones on the roof. When they will be next to the power generators — help them to neutralize enemies. And when they start to attack you in close combat, use a shotgun.

In this battle, you will not have many places to hide, so snipers will be able to hit you from almost anywhere. However, they are very slow, so you will have time to find the angle from which the clones will not be able to hit you. Or move quickly so they miss.

Each clone has a scale of shields and health. And before you can damage Katagawa Jr., you need to remove the shields. In addition, they almost immediately disappear as soon as you strike the first blow to the health bar. So make sure the ammo in your weapon doesn’t run out when the shield goes down.

During the last stage, when the boss has less than 5% health, he will personally appear in the arena and begin to attack with quick melee attacks. But they are easy to evade, jumping back and forth, from one side to the other.

The last 5% of health will require a considerable amount of damage. Having done this, Katagawa Jr. will appear in the center of the location, after which you will be able to put him a control shot.

Katagawa Jr.-img

Boss #7 — The Rampager

The main mission: Beneath the Meridian

Location: Promethea, The Forgotten Basilica

The Rampager only has one health bar, while shields are completely absent. However, it will take a lot of damage, and at the moment the battle with him is one of the longest in the game.

Rampager comes complete with three stages, each of which he uses a new element and attack. There is little use in hiding behind cover, as it can make rocks fall from the ceiling. Therefore, it is best to stay in constant motion and go around the boss.

Run away when your shields run out, and then continue to shoot. It is best to jump while running to Rampager was harder to hit you. By doing this, you will also be able to jump over some of his attacks.

When he starts to shoot projectiles, jump up or down, while being in the corner of the location. In this case, he will not be able to get to you because you will be above / under them.

As for the equipment, choose the weapon that will cause the most damage. During the third stage, Rampager will jump a lot, and in this case the fire is best conducted at a distance. So have at least one gun, which is suitable for shooting at long range.


Boss #8 — Warden

Main mission: Hammer locked

Location: Eden-6, The Anvil

The Warden has two health bars. The first is sensitive to corrosion damage (green element). When the boss starts to do his “super moves” (missiles, lasers, etc) — hide in the shelter. The warden is immune to damage as long as he performs these attacks. Missiles are especially dangerous, so avoid them at all costs.

Also during the battle, he will call his minions. So if you want to play more carefully, then eliminate them first before focusing on the boss himself.

If you have good equipment, just run in circles around the Warden and inflict injuries on him, while the minions are distracted when he is invulnerable.

When you demolish his yellow health bar, he will stop using missiles, lasers and other things. Instead, he will start jumping. Stay in constant motion and shoot the Warden and ordinary enemies.

In the second phase of its weak point will be the head. However, the most unpleasant is that all his red band of health from can cure (but not yellow). So don’t leave him alone for too long.

As soon as you see the Golden light on the floor, you know — he begins to be treated. So immediately same attack Supervisor all, that you have (including active skills), thereby focusing the entire the fire on him. Keep your skills ready and don’t waste them ahead of time.

In battle with him best use weapons its-average distance there is (a pistol-gun, shotgun, gun with gunpoint for called the shots on weak points on average distance there is) with corrosive element of (will help denser yellow DM health).


Boss #9 — Killavolt

Side mission: Kill Killavolt

Location: Prometheus, Lectra City

This is the first boss that you will kill in a side, not the main mission. Quest can be to accept have Moxxi in its a bar on Sanctuary 3. The battle with Kilovolts can be challenging due to the fact that it charges the floor with electricity, thereby covering virtually the entire area of the arena (except for the part where he is the boss). Easier just fight with him playing for Moze from-for its passive skill Vladof Ingenuity (+47% to resistance electric damage).

Whenever he is going to electrify the floor, it will disappear for a moment, after which the location will be ordinary enemies. They, too, die from electricity, so you may not have adversary, to use ” Second Wind”. Hence, you should be well pumped before you go to battle with Kilovolts and also have a very large shields.

The boss’s vulnerabilities are his genitals and the power core on his back. When the floor is electrified, start jumping a lot to avoid getting at least some amount of damage. In addition, there are no shelters in the arena, so the best way to avoid hits is to run and jump in large circles around the Killovolt.

In the battle with him, you can use any weapon that will cause a lot of damage. And if you play for Moze, then hold its “Iron Bear”  before, when gender will covered by electricity. The mech will make you immune to all incoming damage.

Boss #10 — Billy, The Anointed

The main mission: The Guns of Reliance

Location: Eden-6, Jacobs Estate

Unlike other bosses, the Anointed has no health bar at the top of the screen. He has only the usual band of health as ordinary enemies. He also has no shields, but can do a lot of damage. Billy’s weak spot is the skull.

As soon as the cutscene ends, immediately run to the stage. Behind the scenes you will be safer, because opponents often remain in the theater. In addition, you will have more free space there.

In the battle with the Anointed take a shotgun, that as it is much easier to shoot down flying in your burning skull. The most important thing in the battle with him — is to remember his attacks (which remain unchanged throughout the battle).

When he claps his hands, he sends a powerful shock wave, through which you will need to jump. His second most used attack is burning skulls flying at you. You’ll know Billy’s going to let them in when he pulls his skull down a little bit. If you do not eliminate them, they will follow you everywhere.

Among his other attacks is a jump and a purple energy ball that he will throw at you. But they are easy to Dodge, bending to the side. In the battle with him, you basically have to jump a lot to avoid getting a lot of damage.

Aside from a shotgun (or say a submachine gun / assault rifle against skulls), pick up any weapon with the highest damage rate per second. And remember, aim for the anointed one’s skull when you’re not too busy dodging his attacks and always stay backstage.

Billy, The Anointed-img

Boss #11 — GenIVIV

Main mission: The Family Jewels

Location: Eden-6, Voracious Canopy

GenIVIV is a large robot and has two health bars: blue and yellow. As soon as the fight starts, run up the stairs to the end of the arena to the broken window. Stay in this place and jump left and right, while not forgetting to shoot the boss. Also here you will not be able to get his green jumping balls. Whereas if you run somewhere in the center of the location, the battle will be a real chaos, and these balls will be very painful to beat .

When GenIVIV summons his two minions, kill them, otherwise they will pursue you with the aim of dealing melee damage. The boss also knows how to shoot a green laser, but it’s easy to avoid by jumping from side to side.

In battle with GenIVIV take any weapon that deals the most damage per second.

Boss #12 — Aurelia

The main mission: Cold as the Grave

Location: Eden-6, Black barrel Cellars

Aurelia is a kind of caster (or magician). It is able to cause whirlwinds that will haunt you, as well as attack the ice projectiles flying straight at you. She very rarely will to shoot and greater part of battles will simply stand. Get very close to her and start shooting her in the face (this is her weak point) with your best weapon. But stay away from her whirlwinds.

Although Aurelia does not have much health, but do not let her recharge her shields. When she “wrapped” in an ice column-shoot him, so she came out of it and could not rest. During the battle, opponents will also appear, but they will not carry a special threat.

But the most important thing is to shoot her in the head with any weapon.


Boss #13 — The Vaultward

The main mission: Cold as the Grave

Location: Eden-6, The Floating Tomb

At the moment, The Vaultward-this is the biggest boss in the game with a huge supply of health. His vulnerability is the yellow dots on the upper part of the body. He will not shoot at you. Instead, the guardian of the grave will use fists, hitting them on the ground, and lasers. All of these are AoE attacks that deal elemental damage over a large area.

The place in which he is going to beat, will be highlighted. As soon as you see it, or when the floor under you starts to change color, immediately run to the other end of the arena. Orange means that The Vaultward is going to hit the ground or the wall, and in this case you have to run to the side. Green that is going to pour acid on you, so run to the far end of the arena to avoid taking damage.

If the earth is shifted to the right, then this will be followed by acid balls that will roll right on you. And it’s actually a good opportunity to critically hit a weak spot the boss chest. And that the balls you just did not hurt, come closer to The Vaultward and find a small hole. They can’t reach you there . As soon as he calls the enemies, kill them, so they dropped you ammo.

One of the hardest attacks to evade is a laser that sets fire to the ground. If you’re in the center of the arena and he starts making this attack, slip through the beam as he approaches. Having done this, run to the place where he began to attack the laser. You will get some damage from the burning floor, but it should not kill you.

Also, before the battle with The Vaultward equip yourself with a shield with a large capacity. Cooldown time and speed are much less important in combat with it, as a significant amount of time elapses between its attacks.

As for weapons, then use everything that works well at long distances, so that you can shoot without any problems at weak points. A permanent female critical damage will accelerate battle with him (however alone you have would still leaves order 10 minutes).

Also be careful not to fall down, especially when the arena will list. If you fall, you will immediately die

Boss #14 — Carnivora

The main mission: Blood Drive

Location: Pandora, Carnivora

Carnivora is a giant boss car slicing through Pandora. For the battle with him you get a special machine. First, you will need to eliminate the fuel lines. Then kill auxiliary crew, destroy box transmission, neutralize remaining enemies and, finally, the most Kanivoru. That’s all.

He is not the most difficult boss, because he will not attack you. All it does is summon other machines whose artificial intelligence, by the way, leaves much to be desired.

Boss #15 — The Agonizer 9000 / Pain and Terror

The main mission: Blood Drive

Location: Pandora, Guts of Carnivora

Agonizer-9000 is a huge machine, standing in the middle of the arena. It is controlled by two characters: Pain and Terror (they sit inside the car). Boss has several weaknesses (including eyes), which allocated by small red fuel tanks.

Once demolish his first strip of health, the second to zero you will bring very quickly, and to attack Agonizer-9000 you will no longer be able to. Therefore, bring a weapon with high accuracy, so you can shoot from a distance (shotguns and inaccurate weapons are not recommended).

Accurate weapons when shooting from the hip will be the ideal solution, because if you aim, it will limit your review. While in the battle with him, you will need to very often evade most of his attacks and watch what is happening under your feet.

Agonizer-9000 has the following main attacks:

  1. When it attacks with a blade, you can either jump over it or Crouch under it (depends on whether the blade is placed higher or lower);
  2. From the saw blades coming out of his chest, you can Dodge by running sideways;
  3. When you see a large spiked Board (missing this blow, die instantly), immediately run away as far as possible from it as long as it does not hit the ground;
  4. The impact blade at the top, you will see less often. You can Dodge it by running to the side;
  5. One of the most common attacks is flames that will spew out the floor below you. As soon as it starts to glow, run away from him. There will always be a place in the arena where the floor is safe.

Agonizer-9000 also summons enemies during the battle, but they won’t annoy you too much. So it’s best to ignore them and leave one or two for a second chance.

After taking down the yellow health bar, focus your fire on the purple core in his chest. This will bring it down in seconds

Boss #16 — Troy Calypso

The main mission: The Great Vault

Location: Pandora, The great repository

Have Troy Calypso only one had a health, and weak place-head. His main attack is rings of purple energy balls. The most important thing here is to stay away from him, so that the distance between the purple balls was much greater. So you can easily move between the slits and avoid taking damage.

Sometimes Troy Calypso will make a dash straight towards you, attacking with a blast of purple energy. From this blow it is very difficult to evade. You can try to jump from side to side or move back. But due to the fact that it is too fast, most often you will receive damage, so carry a high-capacity shield.

When he starts firing missiles, start walking to the right. He can’t hit you that way. The most unpleasant of his attack is when he jumps on you and causes thus a ring of purple energy balls at the moment of landing. Always jump when it’s about to land. This will give you a chance to jump over the balls and avoid getting damage if you calculate the time correctly.

Troy Calypso’s other attack, the pillar of fire, poses little threat. Just don’t stand inside it and everything will be fine.

Later in the battle, he will begin to create a “hammer” that will send a shock wave. Move sideways at long range to avoid taking damage.

Aside from this, sometimes he will imposes hoardings and becomes immune to damage. And as long as the shields are raised, enemies will appear in the arena. Kill them to get their ammunition (in the battle with him boxes of ammunition on the location you will not find) and beware of the fiery rays falling from the sky. The glowing floor will alert you to this attack.

In General, keep shooting Troy Calypso in the head when the shields are down, jump when he jumps on you and keep your distance so you can pass between the purple balls

Boss #17 — General Traunt

The main mission: Footsteps of Giants

Location: Nekrotafeyo, Desolation’s Edge

This boss looks a lot like Captain Trant. Have him two swathe of health: blue (shield) and red (health). Shields have about ten times more reserve than health. Once you will carry them to him, he will die in a matter of seconds.

The easiest tactic is to stay in a small room that will be behind you when you jump to the boss. Here you can hide and shoot, looking out from behind the corners. Don’t let General Traunt get too close, so shoot Him in the head and the generator core to stun him for a short time. So you’ll keep him at a distance.

The generator core on his back is his weak spot. In battle, he will use acid and some shock attacks. When he throws an acid ball at you, move away from him, as he continues to burn on the ground. And when he released into the air a blue ball, then just shoot at him. Most areas in the battle with him, in principle, possible to shoot.

Also at the beginning of the battle in the arena will run enemies, so kill them, so you can fully focus on General Traunt.

Boss #18 — Tyreen the Destroyer

Main mission: Divine Retribution

Location: Pandora, Destroyer’s Rift

Tyreen the Destroyer is the final boss in the Borderlands 3 story campaign, which turned into a giant monster. Its weak point is the head, which will sometimes hide inside the body. She will release lines of purple crystals that will run across the floor around her. But as in the battle of Troy, you can step back so that they divide and form gaps between them. And in order to receive less damage throughout the battle, move sideways and jump (and do not fall from the edge of the arena, otherwise you will instantly die).

Tyreen will also throw you a big purple ball of energy, but to avoid it is not very easy, as it will fly straight at you. You can try to run at it, but because of the homing and large blast radius damage you will still get more than once.

If your shields are powerful enough to withstand this attack, then you have nothing to worry about. So again, carry shields with high capacity, not fast recharge. It is better to withstand one such strong attack than to have a weak shield and subsequently take a lot of damage. The most important thing to learn the rest of her attacks and begin to time them to avoid.

Once you deal enough damage, Tyreen will kneel. Then climb on your back on the foot from behind and shoot the nucleus. Then jump down and start shooting her in the head.

Between phases boss will to commit big AoE-attacks, like the fire globe, which will still and issue lasers. So just run away from him, simultaneously dodging the rays. Also between stages will appear ordinary opponents. Kill them to get ammo and restore health.

In General, attack Tyreen throughout the entire battle remains the same, so jump sideways around it — a sure path to victory.

Boss #19 — Skag of Survival

Side mission: Gradient of Dawn

This is a special version of the Skag, which in the first stage will use an acid attack. As soon as you bring health to zero, he will be reborn with a full supply of health. In the second stage, the course will have electric attacks. The weak point of Survival Skag — head.

Once the fight starts, he’ll be standing on top of the bridge. So immediately start shooting in the head to cause good damage. Then do your best, trying to jump around it in an attempt to avoid getting damage from the energy balls flying at you, while continuing to shoot at the weak spot.

Boss #20 — Tink of Cunning

Side mission: Trial of Cunning (Ghostlight Beacon)

Tink of Cunning is a special variant of Tink. As in the case with the Skag of Survival, the weak spot is the head. Sometimes he will throw things at you, whereas during the first phase he mostly shoots corrosive rounds. On the second same stage he switch on fire bullets.

Overall, Tink of Cunning is the easiest of all the side bosses, as it has the least health and there are plenty of places to hide in the arena. So as soon as he appears, put him a few good shots in the head, and then deal with the usual enemies. Continue to shoot him in the skull and then the fight will be over very quickly.

Boss #21 — Arbalest of Discipline

Side mission: Trial of Discipline (Precipice Anchor)

This boss is a large robot and has a very small amount of health. The weak spot is the tiny power core in his chest. You can fire from the place where you first jumped, going to the Arbalest of Discipline. Jump left and right to Dodge most of his attacks.

Enemies will appear at the other end of the location and they will usually not come very close to you. Therefore, they do not carry a special threat. Also keep a rather large distance from the boss to make it easier to avoid his projectiles simultaneously continuing to shoot on his chest.

Boss #22 — Tyrant of Instinct

Side mission: Trial of Instinct (Wayward Tether)

Tyrant of Instinct is a large dinosaur with machine guns on its head. He can cause you a lot of damage, while from his attacks almost nowhere to hide. On the middle distance boss likes to shoot from the flamethrower, which is the second phase turned to “obligates” acid. So it is best to stay away from it as far as possible and use weapons that will be effective from afar.

Run in circles, sticking to the outer edges of the location to avoid getting a huge amount of damage. While you run, kill ordinary enemies appearing, as they can be very annoying.

The most unpleasant thing in the battle with Tyrant of Instinct is that it can hit you from almost any distance. At long range, he can shoot missiles, while in the second stage will throw acid balls at you, having a large radius of destruction. On short same distance there is he will to attack you fire / acid.

Therefore, to defeat Tyrant of Instinct you need to have good equipment. Also in constant motion and jump sideways to Dodge most of his attacks.

Boss #23 — Hag of Fervor

Side mission: Trial of Fervor (The Sky drowned Pulpit)

Have Hag of Fervor two swathe of health: yellow and red, which he fully will restore, when will revive in the second stage. Of all the side bosses, this one has the most health, but it will hardly attack you. Weak spot — the head.

Hag of Fervor will rarely shoot explosive ammunition, from which you can just run away. His main attack – a shock wave that will throw you into the air. You will understand when he is going to do it on his right gun, which will begin to glow orange. This attack though will cause you damage, but not particularly large, so your shields without any problems will have to endure.

The most same tearing element of the battle is the dwarfs that will jump on you. They are quite nimble, can jump far and love melee. So always eliminate them first before returning to Hag of Fervor headshots.

Boss #24 — Sera of Supremacy

Side mission: Trial of Supremacy (The Hall of Obsidian)

This is a flying boss with a blue health bar that shoots homing energy balls. But fortunately, to the left of the place where the battle will begin, there is a large stone that will protect you from this attack. The best thing is to stay behind it, moving left and right so you can land some good shots on Sera of Supremacy.

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