How to Improve Armor & Weapons in Code Vein – Guide


In Code Vein you can pump yourself, improve your weapons and other items such as armor. Being a game in the style of Dark Souls, it has a fairly complex system of improving weapons and armor.

The opportunity to improve their equipment will appear after you pass the training level and get to the Base (Home Base). You should note that the armor in the game is called “Bloody veil” (Blood Evil), so do not be embarrassed if you did not immediately notice any options to improve the armor.

Once you are at the Base, you have to talk to Rin Murasame( Rin Murasame), one of the traders. You turn to it when you need supplies or other useful items. After you talk to her, you will be prompted to “Upgrade equipment” (Upgrade Equipment), then you will see a menu showing what you have to improve and what you need for this. As soon as any equipment is updated, it will be displayed in its properties.


For example, when you upgrade an item for the first time, a “+2” sign will appear next to the title, indicating that the item is now more powerful. There is an upper limit to all your improvements, but you can improve everything in your Arsenal, although it will require a lot of time and effort.

Getting materials to improve

You will have to travel the world of the game and collect the necessary materials to upgrade your equipment. The materials needed for the modernization of the Royal iron (Iron Queen’s) Royal steel (Steel Queen’s) Royal Titan (Queen’s Titanium).

Iron will meet very often, and you can collect it, just defeating random opponents. However, because of its ubiquity, it is not the most useful, but very necessary in the early stages of the game. In order to greatly improve the equipment, you will need Steel and Titanium.

Steel becomes a little more common resource after you enter the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood (Cathedral of the Sacred Blood). Enemies are beginning to lend material more often. Titanium can be found much less frequently and you won’t get access to it much later in Code Vein.

If you urgently need resources (or a little short), then you can turn to Coco (Coco) at the Base, it sells a limited supply of all these materials. Along with these materials, you also need to collect Haze (Haze), which is essentially the game currency. Some improvements in Code Vein will cost a lot of money, so do not forget to collect as much as possible.

Upgrading your gear greatly improves his attack. If you do not use the Gifts that fall under the category of ” Light “(Light) or” Darkness ” (Dark), it is recommended that you first focus on improving the weapons before updating the Blood veil (Blood Veils).

If you specialize in techniques that are available when you use Code blood caster (Caster Blood Code), then update your Bloody veils (Veils of Blood) will significantly improve all the features.

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