How to Unlock Artifacts in Borderlands 3

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Artifacts are useful mods / additions to your inventory that improve your weapons and equipment. Here’s how you can unlock Borderlands 3 Artifacts.

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How to unlock artifacts

Artifacts will not be available right from the start. Since you will need to complete a specific task to unlock the feature. What you need to do is complete the entire history of ECHO-6. A conclusion is reached when you shoot down an enemy in a dungeon.

This will provide you with a Meridian Synchronizer that you can use to unlock artifacts. Note that you get the item while you’re on your way to achieving the goals in the second vault. Artifacts can now be collected and equipped in your inventory. Artifacts are found in the form of random drops with prey and in chests. They are all over the world Borderlands 3.

Alternatively if you have good money. You can spend a little on vending machines to buy certain artifacts. Also look for SHIFT codes, as THEY can also reward you with Artifacts.

These artifacts will put different effects on your weapons and gadgets. Some common examples include increased damage, resistance to a particular item, and improved mobility and other characteristics.

The artifacts thus act as extensions of the Relic system from Borderlands 2. Complementing the ability of the characters elemental buffs and abilities.

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