In Fortnite Will Add Bots for Beginners

In Fortnite Will Add Bots for Beginners

24.09.2019 0 By Butcher79

Fortnite developers announced the update 10.40, which will include two features – a new matchmaking and support for bots.

As noted by Epic Games, two years after the battle Royale, many players have become real pros, but also there were many newcomers. To ensure that all users have approximately equal conditions to win, the developers decided to redesign the matchmaking system: with the release of the update, players will often come across opponents of the same skill level.

In addition, in the new season there will be bots, and they will also use the new selection system: as the skills of the user will meet fewer and fewer computer opponents. In competitive modes bots, of course, will not.

Now Fortnite hosts Batman Day: until October 6, all players can feel like a Dark Knight thanks to a new themed crossover.


Batman skin can be purchased in the items shop Fortnite for $19.99