Kairagi-Vagrant Pandemonium World Quest Walkthrough Guide & Rewards Genshin Impact

Kairagi-Vagrant Pandemonium is a world quest for Genshin Impact. Guide contains how to get the quest, where to start Kairagi-Vagrant Pandemonium, rewards and location!

Type World Quest
Requires AR 0
Is Part of  
Description Kairagi and Vagrants are creating chaos somewhere on Yashiori Island. Kujou Masahito hopes that someone can help put an end to the issue.
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Kairagi-Vagrant Pandemonium Walkthrough


Yashiori Island, Inazuma

Defeat the Kairagi and Vagrant

Help Needed:
I received a report that there was trouble brewing on Yashiori Island, and I initially thought it might be rebels on the move again.
However, it turned out to simply be Kairagi and Vagrants banding together to cause trouble. As such, I see little need to act against them so openly.
Therefore, I have enclosed here a commission for a brave warrior to go forth and strike them down. They shall be rewarded handsomely, of course.


Kairagi: Fiery Might ×1

Nobushi: Kikouban ×2



Inazuma Reputation EXP X40

Mora X 20.000

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